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  • Best view is actually meh

    During a recent work trip to Montenegro we drove up the mountain to reach Best View Kotor. Up to that point we stopped three times before. All of the three previous stops were better views than Best View Kotor.

  • Work Trip


    This work trip felt for everyone involved like a week where we all lived in a Desktop Wallpaper.

    The mountain that faced our hotel would shift its hues based on the time of day. The clouds would form so close to ground, you’d think you can grab one if you only stood up on your toes.

    Undoubtedly one of the best work trips ever. Out of season mood, chill nature, exquisite views.

  • IN

  • life is short

    goes by fast

  • brown and pink doughnut close-up photography

    Bad food. Bad food everywhere.

    The urge to snack exists because of bad food. Good food is triggering chemicals that effectively create temporary states of peace, safety and comfort. No need to snack.

    Bad food is easy to spot. Say dinner and a show. If at the show snacking is an idea the dinner had bad food.

  • I don’t like the UX in AI search engines.

    They all try to act as smart assistants and summarize random or first hits in normal searches.

    This leads to worse results than asking an AI assistant.

  • God in your palm

    • With LLMs being literally an omniscient god in the hands of omnipresent corporations what bars them from being the target of gen z next worship?
    • Only omnipotence saves us.

    Don’t get too many wearables.

  • Oh how the world changed.

    When Microsoft was fined shamed and forced to deal with its IE browsers the world rejoiced.

    When Apple is forced to allow another browser engine on its OS the same world shames the regulator.

    I am amazed at the eco-geo-political blindness.

  • Can’t wait, to be <rich> enough to get out of the Apple ecosystem.

    Ex Apple Fan

    Their toxic greed is aggravating.

    They will fool decent people into upgrading by slowing down CPU on purpose, hiding storage space and app data, and disallowing repair.

    Sociopathic greed.

  • 🥁

    democratic security.

    All. The. Time.