Population control 101

In this article cnn basically proves Elon Reeve Musk FRS correct by contorting out of its way to try and disprove the man. Mr. Musk said:

Population collapse due to low birth rates is a much bigger risk to civilization than global warming. Mark these words

Originally tweeted by Elon Musk (@elonmusk) on August 26, 2022.

But what is grotesque is the level of cynicism in which the information is manipulated. 

To put it briefly:

  • Fertility is below the replacement rate in the US
  • Europe is worse, much worse
  • The world itself, is below replacement rate (2)
  • Except Africa but we’re trying hard to bring it to new normal

So they brought an expert, and the expert advised us that:

  • “it’s not a collapse”, without explaining how come
  • “Affordable daycare and family leave policies” don’t help (sic! in the U.S. of all places)
  • “he doesn’t see the need for more couples to have more babies”

And then the article ends with something that should infuriate every single migration friendly person in the world:

“I don’t think in the US it’s an issue of collapse, because we can certainly open the faucet for more immigrants anytime we want to,” Frey said 

Rest of the world! Welcome to being the breeding lab for leisurely americans. All that needs to happen is that they open the faucet and you’ll pour right in to work your ass off in the country with the worst social support net across the developed economies! 

Open the faucet and y’all flow in to pay the retirement and cruises of the ageing healthy SJWs of today, as the other part of US society would probably succumb to poverty and the opioid epidemic anyway … 

I can’t believe my own eyes sometimes when reading these takes. Who are these people? What are they giving back for what they’re taking? What is this madness? I mean if this were an op-ed maybe .. maybe. But to interview and quote an expert “demographer”, whatever that is, all to make palatable a super weird point of view: the world not having children is fine, actually better than having them! We’ll bring over people from “other places” to solve the problems this creates, but we’re also trying hard to make those people as well stop having children!

Are we so sure that our “tech magnificence” holds the true test of time? Are we so sure that we’ve seen everything nature has to throw at us in the measly few thousands of years of somewhat recorded history? 

Are we sure that what we’re giving young people to replace children is enough to hold a good social fabric that has the elasticity and composition to hold and feed the “tech magnificence” and growth we so desperately need if population collapse is achieved? 

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