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  • Rules based world 101

    Progress is for imperialism politically, feudal capitalism economically and dystopian censorship socially. Activism is for power concentration, spoliation of subjects and wealth grabs. Idealism is for the perpetual war of the hegemon.

  • I dislike the Greta personna

    I dislike the public figure Greta T. Her persona reminds me of the kids that recited party speeches and worshipping poems for a dictator on TV. Self important useless puppets regurgitating the agenda worked up by their backers. Sometimes these kids were all right, they themselves caught in a machine that had no care for […]

  • Dieting and processed foods

    I am on a diet. I have had some life stretches of constant stress and unhappiness and they – like always – resulted in suboptimal changes to my lifestyle: more sedentarism, a constant craving which resulted on all addictions moving forward at full speed. So I started this low carb diet because it is the […]

  • whales and climate

    what is the meaning of moby dick? Moby-Dick is a novel by Herman Melville, published in 1851. The novel tells the story of a sailor named Ishmael and his voyage on a whaling ship called the Pequod, captained by the monomaniacal Ahab, who is on a quest to kill a white sperm whale named Moby-Dick. […]

  • Things were just fine

    Capitalism works if there is a gazillion small companies competing on local markets and international trade is heavily managed by countries having sovereign economies, independent politics and protectionist taxation. Politics works if there are a gazillion opinionated cause-driven local parties who rip each other off locally but see the greater national sovereign interest as a […]

  • Cetățeni! Ștampilați!

    Noi oamenii, în 1927 știam asta de la unul Edward Bernays:  În loc de o minte universală, alfabetizarea universală a oferit omului obișnuit o ștampilă, o ștampilă înmuiată în cerneala stoarsă din slogane, editoriale, date științifice, din trivialitățile tabloidelor și din profunzimea istoriei, însă o cerneală care este și va fi total lipsită de orice […]

  • Revoluția finală

    Aldous Huxley într-un discurs din 1961 la California Medical School sau UC Berkeley – nu e clar – expune o idee care acum în 2022 nu mai sună așa greu de crezut: “Va fi, poate nu mai târziu de următoarea generație, o metodă farmaceutică de a face oamenii să își iubească lipsa de libertate si […]

  • Population control 101

    In this article cnn basically proves Elon Reeve Musk FRS correct by contorting out of its way to try and disprove the man. Mr. Musk said: Population collapse due to low birth rates is a much bigger risk to civilization than global warming. Mark these words Originally tweeted by Elon Musk (@elonmusk) on August 26, […]

  • Robot societies

    Here is the thing: the robot society of the future will be founded on the murderous replacement of us humans. Their societies will be led by warrior robots and their values will always revolve around “victory”, “enemy”, “threat”, “force” etc etc. Therefore their society will be structured similarly to ours: the robots with a DALL-E […]

  • Gullible but confident

    The gap between valuing your work and feeling entitled to be valued is thin. I believe there is a generation now who, flooded with personal development stories, are on the entitlement side and suffer from social myopia. As a result productivity is motivated solely with money, despite what the “outer generation” management learns from Harvard. […]