Being a subject of the empire is boring

I hate the US empire because they created this monster of a society where everyone is infantilised to the bone, citizens unable to think one meter ahead of their next step, who just absorb everything the machines tell them they should think and do.

How can this be the ultimate result of the work done next to the gods of progress? The US empire was built on the premise that progress will inevitably lead to abundance and wellbeing. But today we look at this progress and we see that to get the smallest notion of abundance and wellbeing we need to subject ourselves to the highest degree of servitude.

The pandemic was the time when not even the bare common sense was allowed to exist – the apogee of the training into infantile behaviour of the society. If millennials were so easy to mould, I can’t even think of a way out for younger generations.

To believe that a country that is stolen from its people by UK and US agents, Ukraine, who gave an unfair advantage to a small part of the populace who was berserk for war, and would just use any means to obtain it – to believe such a country fights for itself, instead of the enablers of the horror – is to be a dumb child who believes anything you’d tell them if it comes with the promise of candy.

In our society virtue signalling is the candy.

To even dare to imagine you have a future in this world is already heresy.

The world is ending, the climate will kill us all and we’re doomed. If it’s not the climate then it’s the aliens. or the racism, or the incoming wars of doom agains “dictatorships” etc. A constant flux of dumbness is making its way to you every day. How are we supposed to cope?


Escape like a child into the oblivious hedonism that you’re able to purchase.

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