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  • Stop participating?

    I keep saying stop participating but what do I mean by it? I mean stop acting and existing as if what happens is the natural result of human experience instead of a plan to deliberately make you not trust your own eyes. You can’t exit the system. Anyone who urges you to exit the system […]

  • Too thin to thrive

    “[Ballet] terminology has ‘strongly gendered roots’, with most teachers trained at a point in time that focused on a clear distinction between female and male dancers.” says Francesca McCarthy head of undergrad at NSCD a dance conservatoire in Leeds. Cute and wrong. This kind of rhetoric is blatantly wrong. Woman and man is definitely a […]

  • Guns kill people but so does unchecked firepower owned solely by governments

    All Eastern Europe (Romania, Poland, Hungary, Check R. etc.) would not have been communist if common people had weapons. With the right to buy, own and carry the peoples here would have taken a dump on the “influence map” which the Americans and Russians agreed upon at like the entitled assholes they were, throwing millions […]

  • And, of the year, more spleen.

    The good never wins, the Roman Empire wins. The good never wins, the great horde wins. The good never wins, inquisition wins. The good never wins, the conquistadores win. The good never wins, Guantanamo wins. The good never wins, it only has small victories. I hate them. It is like a torture where you’re kept […]

  • Thought stream

    It is amazing how little people think of the fact that everything is a convention. I find it astounding, the jail of our social conditioning. But is it more than just that? Because it surely sounds crazy … Sometimes I strongly believe the world is led by insane people. And not only that, but also the […]

  • Defending capitalism

    i) Capitalism almost always promotes short-term gains. That’s why newsmax.com, breitbart, fox news crush NY Times, NPR in terms of profitability That is not capitalism’s fault actually. An economic system will NOT by default correct human deficiencies and biases and social mistakes. Capitalism is not a philosophy of good. ii) Capitalism almost always exploits Human’s […]

  • I tried to buy happiness with so many things, money included.

    They say money can’t buy happiness. But did you ever try to buy it without money? 😉 Ha! I tried to buy happiness with so many things, money included. True story. I tried to buy happiness with work. I got happiness with so many strings attached, I couldn’t enjoy a second of it because I was […]

  • How to stop the incoming fascism

    .. to be updated, fixed, constructed further, this set of ideas live in my profile until better consistency and meaning is achieved .. Make no little plans. They have no magic to stir men’s blood and probably themselves will not be realized. Make big plans; aim high in hope and work, remembering that a noble, logical […]

  • The opposite of freedom is boredom

    Freedom is the most important thing for an aware intelligent creature. For an aware intelligent creature freedom is more important than being alive. Freedom is a sentiment, not a state. Because it is not a state, you cannot “bring freedom” anywhere, it is either felt or it isn’t at all. Because it is a sentiment […]

  • Technology makes the common too uncommon

    or how common sense became luxury. I’m an ultra selective guy and I’m not proud of it. It grew into a genuine nightmare. That’s why I neither recommend, nor endorse, such an attitude. However for those who already have it, the end of the world might come faster than for the others. Why? Because the ubiquity […]