And, of the year, more spleen.

The good never wins, the Roman Empire wins.

The good never wins, the great horde wins.

The good never wins, inquisition wins.

The good never wins, the conquistadores win.

The good never wins, Guantanamo wins.

The good never wins, it only has small victories.

I hate them. It is like a torture where you’re kept alive by resuscitation only to get more pain.

The good never wins.

And good things never come to those who wait.

Brexit, Nigerian Oil, India’s economic retardation, the Chinese disidents, Tibet, all those female slaves, all those male slaves.

If you think in WW2 the good won, you’re wrong. Half of the winners were “well intentioned”, half were down right more evil than those who lost. Just ask anyone sane who went through at least a decade of communism.

Many times there is no good that may win anyway. Most of the time there is no good to wait on. Most of this world’s problems are so complex that one lifetime is not even close to the amount of time that it would take to fix them.

When I hear all this cheer about how there has never been less war and more wealth than today, I hardly contain my vomit. It’s not that it isn’t true, but Jesus people, get a grip. Wealth is funneled worse than in feudal times and peace sometimes hurts more than war. It is a world choke full of inequality and a world wrapped in a sticky web of temporary armistices, skewed treaties, power exchanges, sold futures, broken deals and secret handshakes, a world pulsing with frustration.

This is not new. That’s what makes it worse.

The happiest people alive are those which, because of circumstances, gained or earned a frail independence of some sort, which they stubbornly confuse with freedom. They are happier even compared with the very rich and powerful, happier for floating above the dreaded swarm of losers that crawl on top of each other below the haze of permitted accidental success.

This is not pessimism. I just think that an excruciatingly large portion of the humans alive float through the unlikely event of their hyper aware existence oblivious. Those of us who try harder, dip into the oblivion quite often too.

The numbing is necessary.

Some evils are necessary specifically because the good never wins. And the road to hell is paved with good intentions because of those who wait for good things to come.