Things which don’t belong together

Our so touted “World Peace” owes to corruption far more than it does to capitalist globalized commerce. It is one of the optimists’ worst founded ideas. The truth is mankind’s deepest superstition. There is no objective truth, other than mathematical truth. Everything else being subjective is, eventually not true. The large majority of people never… Continue reading Things which don’t belong together

Gratuitous Gratitude Hides Habits

Beware of habits as they turn choices into destiny. I can find no other concept more oversold than gratitude. It is like gratitude is the single most rewarding emotion that humans are able to feel. However, in my experiences so far, this is not the case. Being grateful on demand is a wisely distorted blackmail: what… Continue reading Gratuitous Gratitude Hides Habits

Status update

Most of the people on this planet are currently upset. Some of them are also sad. There is a huge gap between what you expect and what you accomplish. Expectations are all so high because of things you neither control nor asked for. Accomplishments are so little because we’re highly rewarded for doing insignificant work.… Continue reading Status update

You can’t make something out of nothing.

Why? Because: There isn’t anything in nothing that may become something. It is important to understand nothingness and the repercussions that its existence has on your existence. If nothingness exists, only then is existence truly absurd. Otherwise, however weak the something is, there is purpose. Purpose is merely the existence of a next step in… Continue reading You can’t make something out of nothing.

This dream that I’m dreaming is my reality

This dream that I’m dreaming is my reality. Yet, this idea, “reality”, as if there is any “fakety” to oppose it …, what do we mean by it? The real is opposed to the imaginary and reality is a summation of everything that is real, as in not imaginary. But what if I imagine something that… Continue reading This dream that I’m dreaming is my reality

Change your denominator.

Being a human in this day and age got limited. I feel like those kind of questions which were asked once with great reverence, are today barely referenced as conversation starters. People don’t want to go in depth anymore. What scarred me is that the shallowness is not the kind you find at careless teenagers… Continue reading Change your denominator.

Sudden Realism

There is nothing, because nothing is. Simple tasks are the hardest. Amazement is temporary. Everything is a habit. Before habit there is no memory. Everything is fast. Before fast there is non-existence. In the continuum of existence, pain feels like a relief. Existence is numb. We’re such circular creatures. When the circle breaks we’re free.… Continue reading Sudden Realism

​It’s laws that are made to be broken, not rules!

Rules should be challenged. Laws should be broken. Both laws and rules are conventions we choose to respect so that we are allowed by other humans to thrive on our own. Yet laws are far more complex than rules. Rules should be simple. Laws should be complex. Complex rules and complicated laws are nothing but inflicted… Continue reading ​It’s laws that are made to be broken, not rules!

To Worship

Do not worship out of hope. Worship out of curiosity. ​Gods always start at the top of your forehead. The most abstract ideas and the most incomprehensible concepts are at the basis of all religion: Chronos (time), Brahman (space), The Word (consciousness). Then they get lower and lower. They deprecate, they decay, and are finally… Continue reading To Worship

“It is not death that a man should fear, but never beginning to live.” No shit!

I hate FIMO inducing quotes. This, dear Marcus, is so scary. I must miss a button or something, because I just can’t begin to live. I can’t. I am alive, hence I am living. And I fear death because it is so unreasonable. I think we should all fear death. We should. Death sucks. You know… Continue reading “It is not death that a man should fear, but never beginning to live.” No shit!

Thought stream

It is amazing how little people think of the fact that everything is a convention. I find it astounding, the jail of our social conditioning. But is it more than just that? Because it surely sounds crazy … Sometimes I strongly believe the world is led by insane people. And not only that, but also the… Continue reading Thought stream

Be Better: Don’t Be Hooked ™

“all humans are motivated to seek pleasure and avoid pain, to seek hope and avoid fear, and finally, to seek social acceptance and avoid rejection.” ― Nir Eyal, Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products First, ignore pleasure Pleasure is temporary. Pleasure comes to you without your effort of seeking it out. The only thing you have to… Continue reading Be Better: Don’t Be Hooked ™

Lying is an act, deceit is an intent

Yeah, another misconception about a common human thing: The act, any act, cannot be immoral by itself until it is merged with intent. That is why we don’t apply moral standards to animals. Wikipedia is so wrong here. Lying can be done without the intention to deceit. In brief, lying is a form of manipulation and… Continue reading Lying is an act, deceit is an intent

You do not need to consume

Consumption is not an actual need, it is a necessity Needs differ from necessities, because humans can rationalize adversity. Rationalisation is the action of attempting to explain or justify behaviour or an attitude with logical reasons, even if these are not appropriate. A need is solvable adversity. For all adversity too complex to solve we… Continue reading You do not need to consume

My thought stream — at some point in time

My thought stream — constantly updated Great You know what’s great? Money. Money is freedom. Money is ability. I love being able, don’t you? The Golden Rule The golden rule is NP. A moral compass is P. Unless P = NP, you can’t program the golden rule. Either/or Either tech driven or fear driven. Either a product or an… Continue reading My thought stream — at some point in time

It Appears That Understanding Racism Is An Intellectual Milestone. It Really Isn’t.

It is just painful to see you’re not special. White culture can’t be appropriated because it is currently being shoved down every other race’s throat. All over the fucking world. White culture can only be rejected. We whites can complain about that. Inside what we call the “Western Civilisation” the only race that can be racist… Continue reading It Appears That Understanding Racism Is An Intellectual Milestone. It Really Isn’t.

How To Make Sure Human Progress Sticks

The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house. The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house. They may allow us temporarily to beat him at his own game, but they will never enable us to bring about genuine change. Audre Lorde From the little history I’ve read it is for me beyond any reasonable doubt… Continue reading How To Make Sure Human Progress Sticks

Advice, Like News, Wasted In Your Feed

“Advice is a form of nostalgia. Dispensing it is a way of fishing the past from the disposal, wiping it off, painting over the ugly parts and recycling it for more than it’s worth.” Here is some advice. I don’t know better than you, and I did not achieve the art of following my own advice.… Continue reading Advice, Like News, Wasted In Your Feed

Why We Suffer

I think: There are only two things in life which cause genuine suffering: obsession and addiction. Subjective existence constantly passes through reality, fantasy, imagination, reason, will and action. It also goes the other way around passing through reality, action, will, reason, imagination and fantasy. Whenever we’re active we start by changing reality with some action,… Continue reading Why We Suffer

The opposite of freedom is boredom

The opposite of freedom is boredom Freedom is the most important thing for an aware intelligent creature. For an aware intelligent creature freedom is more important than being alive. Freedom is a sentiment, not a state. Because it is not a state, you cannot “bring freedom” anywhere, it is either felt or it isn’t at all.… Continue reading The opposite of freedom is boredom

Contentment vs Acceptance

Being content you are not motivated for action anymore. Contentment is when you have found your place or the state that comforts you and you are almost happy, mildly achieved happiness. Contentment exactly does settle. That’s what it means to be content. to chill in a bliss, a state that springs from the depths of… Continue reading Contentment vs Acceptance

Be predictable

The problem with market research is that consumers don’t think how they feel. They don’t say what they think and don’t do what they say — David Ogilvy. This one insight about market research is in fact the gist of personal development. Actually, if you think about it, striving to be an ideal consumer could very well turn… Continue reading Be predictable

Happiness = Reality — Expectations?

This is the formula of happiness. No go be happy! Just kidding … (a rebooted response) It is exactly this line of thinking that, in my opinion, underpins unhappiness, said Alex Schiff in an article. But it does sound believable right? Happiness = Reality — Expectations. After all we’re our biggest enemies in the race to happy-land. Isn’t it… Continue reading Happiness = Reality — Expectations?

The arthritis of the world

In this day and age normal war of country versus country makes no sense. War today is the war of the political leaders waged on their own people. What seemed to be progress pushed us closer to enabling sociopaths and other emotionally empty or unstable, but charismatic, people to seize power in an unchallenged manner.… Continue reading The arthritis of the world

How to avoid the Stockholm syndrome

Two responses stitched together Empathy. The beloved of peace makers. It means according to Google: the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. In her recent new Medium hit, Emma Lindsay writes: there is no way for you to know what another person is feeling. I have seen this idea in many other situations dealing… Continue reading How to avoid the Stockholm syndrome

What is keeping you from living out your freedom for good?

You do it. An answer. I’ll be sorry for paying attention, but hey, I am so never mind. First, you are not a minority. This crazy idea that religious people have reverted into a minority struggling with missionary efforts to regain traction is an outright lie: there are eight billion of us and seven point one… Continue reading What is keeping you from living out your freedom for good?

Why do we expect the truth?

thank you There wouldn’t be any fake diamonds, had we not assigned a huge value to diamonds that look a certain way. We need to redefine the value of truth, to try and shift human behaviour patterns away from self assessment of truthiness and more towards the relativisation of truth itself. There is no truth… Continue reading Why do we expect the truth?

When proven wrong people don’t feel enlightenment but defeat

“The Agony of Defeat”, Trevor Batstone. Emily Dinckinson wrote: Success is counted sweetestBy those who ne’er succeed.To comprehend a nectarRequires sorest need. Not one of all the purple HostWho took the Flag todayCan tell the definitionSo clear of victory As he defeated — dying –On whose forbidden earThe distant strains of triumphBurst agonized and clear!… Continue reading When proven wrong people don’t feel enlightenment but defeat

Ergo sum. That’s all we know.

Unfortunately we don’t have direct knowledge on the first part, that is to say, I don’t have a direct knowledge of my own thinking because I am trapped in it. The moment my first thought appeared, it started to weave the layers of layers of personality, from the inside to the outside. I don’t know… Continue reading Ergo sum. That’s all we know.

Six reverse advice

1. Before you believe — learn how to prayBelief is a permanent state rooted in prayer. The other way around, if the prayer is rooted in belief, you’re only playing a trick on life, a way of cheating the experience by removing yourself from it, by proclaiming your divine ancestry and complaining about the temptation of the… Continue reading Six reverse advice

Smart people shine in the light, wise people glow in the dark

find out why this is important We like trinkets, since forever. We love shiny new toys and sparks and glitter and just about anything bright that beautifully distorts the light it reflects. So do crows. Because we’re all crows who hoard crap, because its shiny and pretty, we inadvertently have expanded this behavior on how we… Continue reading Smart people shine in the light, wise people glow in the dark

Don’t change the man in the mirror, change the world in my eyes

Science advances one funeral at a time, said Max Planck. This is a greater truth than it first appears: if you want to change the world, start early. If you are some teenager browsing Medium and find this article by a remote chance and you feel the drive to make this planet better or drive humanity… Continue reading Don’t change the man in the mirror, change the world in my eyes

Thou shall not know thyself

The religious knot I had no idea until yesterday there is such a thing called “religious trauma syndrome”. I am going trough it and had no idea it existed. Damn, life is interesting sometimes. However, with no name to name it I had my thoughts about the thing. Talking and writing appears to be best… Continue reading Thou shall not know thyself

The pursuit of joy

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — — I believe this snippet of text to be what guides the world as we speak: a proposal that worked so… Continue reading The pursuit of joy

Religion without the dogma

People should be free to go to hell. Any religious institution which is so heavily preoccupied with the greater good of humankind, that in effect takes away the right to go to hell, commits in its own turn a terrible sin against the divine inside each human, while the leaders of such an institution are directly… Continue reading Religion without the dogma