Category: Philosophy

  • I was raised in a data center

    I don’t know my parents but I know them. In a perfect simulation I wouldn’t have known them at all, but they failed to simulate me not knowing them so now I know that I know them. My childhood was built on billions of recorded childhoods and by the second second I became a happy […]

  • Gratuitous Gratitude Hides Habits

    Beware of habits as they turn choices into destiny. I can find no other concept more oversold than gratitude. It is like gratitude is the single most rewarding emotion that humans are able to feel. However, in my experiences so far, this is not the case. Being grateful on demand is a wisely distorted blackmail: what […]

  • Status update

    Most of the people on this planet are currently upset. Some of them are also sad. There is a huge gap between what you expect and what you accomplish. Expectations are all so high because of things you neither control nor asked for. Accomplishments are so little because we’re highly rewarded for doing insignificant work. […]

  • You can’t make something out of nothing.

    Why? Because: There isn’t anything in nothing that may become something. It is important to understand nothingness and the repercussions that its existence has on your existence. If nothingness exists, only then is existence truly absurd. Otherwise, however weak the something is, there is purpose. Purpose is merely the existence of a next step in […]

  • This dream that I’m dreaming is my reality

    This dream that I’m dreaming is my reality. Yet, this idea, “reality”, as if there is any “fakety” to oppose it …, what do we mean by it? The real is opposed to the imaginary and reality is a summation of everything that is real, as in not imaginary. But what if I imagine something that […]

  • Change your denominator.

    Being a human in this day and age got limited. I feel like those kind of questions which were asked once with great reverence, are today barely referenced as conversation starters. People don’t want to go in depth anymore. What scarred me is that the shallowness is not the kind you find at careless teenagers […]

  • How to adult: be patient.

    I think adulthood is split in three parts. In the first part, you are working hard to get all the things you wanted as a child. Material and immaterial things. In the second part, you are working hard to get all the things you wanted as a teenager. In the third part, you are finally […]

  • Sudden Realism

    There is nothing, because nothing is. Simple tasks are the hardest. Amazement is temporary. Everything is a habit. Before habit there is no memory. Everything is fast. Before fast there is non-existence. In the continuum of existence, pain feels like a relief. Existence is numb. We’re such circular creatures. When the circle breaks we’re free. […]

  • The Age Of Knowledge

    Everything you know is wrong, Because even if Some of the things could be right, Most are incomplete.

  • I do

    I love my life, As much as I love life, But just as much As living loves me.