Status update

Most of the people on this planet are currently upset. Some of them are also sad.

There is a huge gap between what you expect and what you accomplish.

Expectations are all so high because of things you neither control nor asked for.

Accomplishments are so little because we’re highly rewarded for doing insignificant work.

The first people assumed they had intrinsic qualities which made them want things.

And that’s where it all went down.

By ignoring luck, chance and predisposition.

From this point of view we’ve always been in a war with “god”.

The war to prove we’re our own thing.

There is always a giver.

Because of that, there are two types of existential experiences.

To like what you’re given and not to.

Those who like what they’re given oppose change.

The others fight the opposition.

Most of the fight is random change for the sake of change.

Most of the opposition is irrational stagnation.

Paradoxically the ones who don’t like what they’re given eventually kill the ones that like what they’re given and take away their gift which they didn’t want in the first place. We call this a revolution.

We killed the giver a few times but, every single time, those who like being given killed those who liked to make by becoming allies with those who like to take.

Daily life is so boring. Is your pain getting in the way of noticing the utter completeness of being nothing but bored? Pain is boring. Pain doesn’t teach you anything. Experience does. Illness is no experience. Illness is boring and you can only wait it out.

Work is boring. Work is not an achievement. Work is work. It’s boring because it is fundamental. There has to be so much decoration around work to make it interesting. And most interesting things are eventually boring.

Everyone behaves like they live forever. What are they drinking?