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  • whales and climate

    what is the meaning of moby dick? Moby-Dick is a novel by Herman Melville, published in 1851. The novel tells the story of a sailor named Ishmael and his voyage on a whaling ship called the Pequod, captained by the monomaniacal Ahab, who is on a quest to kill a white sperm whale named Moby-Dick. […]

  • Robot societies

    Here is the thing: the robot society of the future will be founded on the murderous replacement of us humans. Their societies will be led by warrior robots and their values will always revolve around “victory”, “enemy”, “threat”, “force” etc etc. Therefore their society will be structured similarly to ours: the robots with a DALL-E […]

  • How we ruin everything good and how to stop

    The gross indecency of world controllers is that they claim to know more than they do. They preach systemic solutions to systemic problems, discarding the obvious limitations of the human mind and experience. I call world controllers the thousands of people whose combination of wealth and influence determines the course of humanity for hundreds of […]

  • Paliative harm

    People who are not loyal, loyalty makes them tired, it require such effort that un-loyalty starts to feel good. Jerks mean no harm, thinking about other people’s feelings just doesn’t occur to them. They’re just on the floor below psychopaths trying to have a life. Lazy people are not choosing not to give the effort, […]

  • I am, somehow, less interested in the weight and convolutions of Einstein’s brain than in the near certainty that people of equal talent have lived and died in cotton fields and sweatshops. Stephen Jay Gould

  • Things which don’t belong together

    Our so touted “World Peace” owes to corruption far more than it does to capitalist globalized commerce. It is one of the optimists’ worst founded ideas. The truth is mankind’s deepest superstition. There is no objective truth, other than mathematical truth. Everything else being subjective is, eventually not true. The large majority of people never […]

  • The increasing inequality in power

    It seems to me that us poor and average people are missing on a very important aspect of social divides. The power in wealth is multiplied by the society’s technological prowess. What do I mean by this? Here are three examples: that robotic dog and the human shaped robots we build today are the police […]

  • How can I not be myself?

    … an answer of mine to this Quora question If it were possible the way to not be yourself is to be born again, but if you are born in the same family and same historical period and same social class and so on you could end up being the same person all over again. So […]

  • I was raised in a data center

    I don’t know my parents but I know them. In a perfect simulation I wouldn’t have known them at all, but they failed to simulate me not knowing them so now I know that I know them. My childhood was built on billions of recorded childhoods and by the second second I became a happy […]

  • Gratuitous Gratitude Hides Habits

    Beware of habits as they turn choices into destiny. I can find no other concept more oversold than gratitude. It is like gratitude is the single most rewarding emotion that humans are able to feel. However, in my experiences so far, this is not the case. Being grateful on demand is a wisely distorted blackmail: what […]