Paliative harm

People who are not loyal, loyalty makes them tired, it require such effort that un-loyalty starts to feel good.

Jerks mean no harm, thinking about other people’s feelings just doesn’t occur to them. They’re just on the floor below psychopaths trying to have a life.

Lazy people are not choosing not to give the effort, but instead for them giving the effort is painful.

Workaholics don’t want to be at work they simply don’t enjoy not working.

Promiscuity is not lack of morality, but a strong desire for intimate novelty that drives choice.

Cheating is not a lack of love, it is either one of:

  • new love
  • a desire for relevancy
  • escapism.

Escapists don’t procrastinate chronically because they want to avoid responsibility or work, they do it because long focus is painful to them.

People don’t steal because they’re lazy, it takes a great effort to do it. They either have few options or are mentally ill.

It’s pointless to jail people in power causing mass harm. A murderer is mentally ill, someone who steals or gambles pension funds, or other safety nets of others, is mentally ill, the desire for war is mental illness. These should be understood as such and done away with expecting any payback.

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