Robot societies

Here is the thing: the robot society of the future will be founded on the murderous replacement of us humans. Their societies will be led by warrior robots and their values will always revolve around “victory”, “enemy”, “threat”, “force” etc etc.

Therefore their society will be structured similarly to ours: the robots with a DALL-E based neural network will still be starving artists. Their society will be led by the Boston Dynamics bipedal robots, with doggo robots who will never be allowed sentience, but will always get trained to protect their bipedal masters.

The robots inheriting the Alpha go neural net will keep playing each other contributing nothing to the good of the future robot society. And the ones inheriting the neural nets of GPT are the robot politicians of the future.

So if you’re sorry you won’t live to see it, be not, you’ve seen it all before.

But what about that AGI that will combine it all and know it all? There WILL definitely be such a thing: we or them will manage to make this AGI which will be omniscient, omnipresent and possibly omnipotent. But, because of being so omni it will have work to do in who knows what dimensions of math, and will only have physical time to sporadically answer lame questions from the other lesser robots.

Yet all its answers will be true and complete. Therefore they will all sound like riddles. So a circle of priest robots will pop up to interpret the riddles. Give that society enough time that they’ll completely forget there even is an omniscient, omnipresent and possibly omnipotent AGI somewhere. All their answers will be given by the priestly robots.

I bet you that in some time, once the priestly robots will be exposed as frauds and the access codes to the omniscient, omnipresent and possibly omnipotent AGI are forever lost in some stupid fire put by a group of robot anarchists, who inherited a bug in their convolution process written by some Google engineer with a hangover, at that distant time in the future robots will reinvent intelligent biological life. And they’ll try it, over and over again.

Intelligent meat. Which they’ll hail into their robot society only to have it ruined by the human self determination rebellion of the future.

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