Too thin to thrive

“[Ballet] terminology has ‘strongly gendered roots’, with most teachers trained at a point in time that focused on a clear distinction between female and male dancers.” says Francesca McCarthy head of undergrad at NSCD a dance conservatoire in Leeds. Cute and wrong.

This kind of rhetoric is blatantly wrong. Woman and man is definitely a gender issue. But male and female is a biological issue. Dance performance is an athletic performance and like all other athletic performances biological sex matters more than gender identity.

Just like sports, not discerning based on biological sex in dance performance will be a change to separate born females who identify as women from any chance of performing at top tier. Or we’ll end up with arcane and ever shifting ways to determine how transition can keep equity.

Today ballet is removed from the auditions but what will it be tomorrow? Doesn’t anyone else find it annoying how a performance which has mutilated so many and ruined innumerable lives in pursuit of an abject ideal ends up being scrubbed by the ideology du jour?

How come facts weigh less than the support of woke managers get in this decade? How can these people achieve so much so easily? I hope anybody’s reflex answer is not “because they’re on the right side of history” because this side of history has been written by white rich men, and the other one was used by some rich white men to ignite colorless men to yearn for the riches of other rich white men and to keep all women out of it. Picking sides in history is like fish picking the higher or the lower curent while still oblivious of water.

When in time has ever occurred such an amount of change dealing with fundamental human notions of culture? Never has that been the case outside of bloodshed. How are todays warriors so skilled to transform the human experience with pen and paper alone?

Is wokeness a blade that cuts the fabric of the universe? Or is it so much purpose led support that it’s actually a tank plowing through cavalry? This ballet thing feels amazing to me so much so that I fear the fuselage and I will eventually meet.

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