How we ruin everything good and how to stop

The gross indecency of world controllers is that they claim to know more than they do. They preach systemic solutions to systemic problems, discarding the obvious limitations of the human mind and experience.

I call world controllers the thousands of people whose combination of wealth and influence determines the course of humanity for hundreds of years into the future. This has been the constant of our current phase of development: the “civilisation” of humanity. This group, while refreshed periodically with “new blood”, has been keeping its internal system quite intact. It is no conspiracy, just that since it is a group based around wealth and power, and the preservation of generational access to both, it is obvious that the system has had to be maintained over centuries to keep working.

You may call it whatever you want, you may describe it however you want. You can be efficient and objective or you can be bombastic and subjective. In the end the course of humanity is, has been, and will be determined not by “masses”, not by “individuals”, but by this weird amorphous group of people who combine enough wealth and influence to impact irreversible course corrections to our shared experience. The amount, type, shape and nature of the impact varies, but it is never outside of its historical context. For that is the main problem these world controllers have: they do not want what is ideally good, they do not and cannot work for some platonic shape of a greater cause – with the few exceptions among them who suffer from some self aggrandising syndrome.

Their goal is the prevention of events, inventions, ideas, causes, systems and people that periclitate the existence of their punctual wealth and influence and the endorsement of events, inventions, ideas, causes, systems and people who build infrastructure of the preservation of their punctual wealth and influence. This goal is not based on any sort of malice. With all their secret clubs, open to select plebes, and all their public but exclusive clubs, open to select controllers, there is no villain preparing to take over the world. One such villain will be swiftly opposed by everyone else. Even if such one villain would get to the top of the pyramid, their role, much like a modern king, will be lost in the sea of lower caste controllers.

Since villainy and malice are simply non economical, and frankly impossible to sustain long term, it figures the result of this atemporal union of minds and hearts failed miserably. Throughout history all the humanity’s leadership ever managed to do is to rule by disaster: war, famine, violence, restriction, lie, propaganda, manipulation and other forms of brain washing, inefficient systems that produce artificial meaning and theft. From ancient kings to modern day billionaires, from ancient philosophers to modern day professors, not one held back from propagating the same array of disaster rule.

I think all this is deeply human: the unimaginative solutions, the desire for cross generational preservation of state, the appeal to deceit as a lasting resort for agenda preservation. It happens to the rest of humans as well, so it’s only normal it would happen to this group as well. Every human in a society, no matter how small, poor and traditional, does it. Lack of ideas stemming from the resolve to not accept the limitation of their own humanity and finiteness is not exclusive to world controllers. Have you ever wondered why we’re all doing all the things we’re supposed to be doing?

You probably have. The most common answer is that “it’s natural”. Then a slew of stretched comparisons appear to explain away the apparent senselessness of everyday life. You will be instantly connected to some random forager human in the jungle or his wife. You will be quickly decomposed to a series of predictable behaviours. You will immediately have the unconvincing details you notice smeared with a totemic work of morals, history, anthropology, religion, tradition, and other shapes of social engineering. Whenever you ask why you are doing what you’re supposed to be doing, you are a free individual. And the moment you take that question seriously, be it in an academic sense or in a practical way, you will be obliterated as an individual in all possible manners, sometimes even through violence.

That is also not a conspiracy. It is a reflex. And it is a reflex we have as humans because, wether we like it or not, we are self referential: even the enquiring of the meaning of our actions is rooted in the desire to find a meaning for our actions. To crush this reflex is to find oneself in the cold emptiness of freedom, and despite what we learn in poetry there is nothing to do there: to have meaning is to not be free, freedom can only be meaningless. And in meaninglessness there is nothing to be done, nothing to be achieved or even worth being experienced, because worth needs meaning. All the positive and good we can concoct with our convoluted brains are chains, restrictions, carrots and sticks and other tools we use to build meaning that makes existing in a violent, cold and indifferent universe bearable. Not to mention the bad stuff we come up with.

What the world controllers strive, for millennia now, is to shape the result and limit the frequency of asking ourselves why do we do the things we’re supposed to do. Why? Because every venture into the cold emptiness of freedom is unpredictable, and predictability is the foundation of their goal to prevent of events, inventions, ideas, causes, systems and people that periclitate the existence of their punctual wealth and influence. To this end we’ve been given everything from inquisition and ritualic sacrifice to consumerism and careers. It seems too easy to be true but to me it’s so easy it’s obvious. Obvious things are beyond truth in terms of truthiness.

The problem is this effort has been unimaginative, destructive, limiting to the potential of our species, harmful to countless generations, violent, mean and unfair to hordes of individuals. That’s all. The world controllers have always given out the rules which if obeyed or respected, or both, lead one to a well adjusted life. So it’s not like there’s this invisible clique of sadists. Everyone means well. But, as a group, they consistently fail – and the root of their failure is the desire to preserve individual temporary situations for undefined lengths of time.

The solution cannot come and will not come from the world controllers. Once you are in the group you will be behaving like the group. There have been many times when this was a general realisation and it then conducted to authentic change. The constant decay of the original authenticity always stems from the same mistake: we invest new people to carry on the change, effectively making them part of the group of world controllers. Invariably they will just bring the old back.

But leaderless revolutions don’t last either. And change rarely sought to dismantle the main problem: wealth and influence enough to impact irreversible course corrections to our shared experience. No matter the “revolution”, even the most egalitarian, even the most radical, resulted in a reshaping of the same. Because instead of killing people, we need to burn papers. What we usually do is kill people and take their records, wipe the dead names and put new names in. Then before you know it, we’re back to square one.

So we need leaders that want to burn the papers without making copies. We did that with books plenty of times. We need to keep books, but burn financial records, property rights, inheritance lines, paper debt ownership, titles, decorations, tenures, all the body of intertwined imaginary value that compose the wealth and influence of the world controllers. At the very least, and at its worst, such a radical revolution would create a greenfield opportunity for a new group of world controllers to start forming. It does not happen fast. But if we don’t burn books, literally and metaphorically, and if we don’t kill people, but treat them with respect and leave their dignity intact, we may come to more optimistic results. Maybe some of our millennia of learning about the environment, the universe, the self, the matter around us and the mind we confuse ourselves with, maybe all this, in the absence of the relentless irreversible course corrections of the world controllers, will bring about something good.

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