Stop participating

“Britain’s moral superiority over Europe is becoming increasingly clear” says Zoe Strimpel in the Telegraph, managing to confirm the extraordinary show of imperialism the war in Ukraine really is. Thank god for Brexit so the UK can have the higher moral ground.

When you see the propaganda of imperial power claiming moral superiority, a country that sends people to Rwanda for not having “papers”, a country that continues to exert unearned influence worldwide based on historical stealing, killing and pillaging, be angry!

Particularly if you are not a brit. Particularly if you are an “european citizen” in one of the second hand EU members. Particularly if you are working class or worse. Particularly if YOU will be the one dying to protect the morally superior with your youth, health, mental energy, emotional labor, any laughable wealth you may own and, essentially, your future and everyone’s children’s future.

Stop participating.

What I find funny is that once plebes will be insect and printed soy the elites will still be medium rare cow, free range eggs, whole fat milk, bio veggies and fruits. We should really stop participating.

World controllers are so much like parasites. They feed on this host, aka “everyone else”, but maintain the host functional, so that it keeps producing progress and from it wealth for them to enjoy.

Whenever the host is powerful enough to get rid of the parasites they release their toxins – read made up crises – and numb everyone back into submission.

Participation is sacrifice.

Activism is a form of market research for selling aspirational value when products stop having practical value. Activists ask people for the stupidest of things. All change that results from activism happened because the corporate managed to mangle it into a new form of extraction.

Participation is delusion.

I am 100% convinced that the fully globalised society can not and will not be even remotely democratic. It is already a fiasco, one where the only thing keeping people engaged is negative emotions, all constantly wound up by activism.

Activism is the marketing division of the globalist agenda. It makes people buy the crap. And it uses all the possible irrational behaviour stimulation that we ever learn about to make us buy the agenda’s products: war, lack of meaning, unhappiness, lack of fulfilment,

Participation is lobotomy.

If overrepresentation solves historical injustice who and when will decide to go back to proportional representation?

Stop participating.

I heard that the Swiss mobilized an impressive force to defend the Davos planning of this year. Considering how they saved us all from a global pandemic and how the successfully tackle the impending doom we the greedy plebs make, how come no flower bearing crowds were there?

Participation kills.

ESG means bringing corporations as people to the political game, cutting out the lobby, as people. But corporations are not people. ESG is empowering capital owners to use their money unchecked for political agenda pushing. Political. So far it was, through lobby, economical.

Power is not in numbers. Power stems from ability. Numbers mean nothing. Ability comes from leverage, control, cadence, focus and execution.

Just don’t participate.

Zizek says: “One is never forced to attack and annihilate a whole country”. Except if it has oil. Or caves where someone we want hides. Or tries a socialist utopia too close. Or wants to hold rights to its geography or resources. Or is attacked by our “friends”.

Zizek says: “It’s not about Ukraine, it’s about the hunger of hundreds of millions in Africa and Asia. Here should the red line be drawn.” Are. You. Fucking. Kidding me? Why isn’t it also about the whales and the disappearing bees? Fighting to save both aides to that hunger.

Zizek says: ““Pragmatic criteria” means disregard for universal human rights”. No, it means negotiating national sovereign interest as best as possible. It is definitely not pragmatic to “bring democracy” to tribal nations.

These are not fool proof counter arguments but just gaping screaming annoying as f*ck holes in the writing of Zizek who does not usually have them, but now he does. Why? Because he is participating.

Stop participating.

Feverish capitalists should fight to death the dissolution of too big to fail corporations, banks or funds. But they’re not because they’re not capitalists. They’re shills who teach the poor about their bootstraps.

Why do we participate again?

Religion stepped to the side and made room to a new opioid of the masses: techno-optimism.

Let’s not participate in that.

I learned about the word POLITICIDE reading on how the French state killed tens of thousands of Algerian people. A word used to avoid calling it genocide. These people teaching the world “European values” are at the same time offering << ‘No repentance nor apologies’ for colonial abuses >>. Fuck you Macron. And now this Macron dude wants a “larger” Europe based on “shared values”! Because who wants to share money and wealth anyway 🙂

Don’t participate! No repentance nor apologies!!

Wired explains “How to Watch Movies in VR” which is not “VR Movies” but “pretend you’re at the cinema while cinemas are empty”. So don’t watch movies on TV, watch movies on a fake TV using a gizmo on your head.

Stop participating for crying out loud.

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