Ready player one

If I were rich, I would first claim that God made me rich because He chose me. For a while, that would work.

Then I would be kind and give access to my wealth. Then I would be ruthless in taking payment for the access. You’ll want to hold on to the access, you’ll beg me to rule over you. So I will. I will do it because I am chosen. By God.

When people would realise that a chosen person does not need so much, I would take up arms and defend my God given right to my wealth. All of it.

There would come a point when people would figure out there is no God. There goes my greatest power. So I would then invent a new God.

I would invent a new god for every one of the dead God’s perfect traits.

Did God create the world? Here have some progress, and you’ll create it again, and this time not in God’s image but in your image instead .

Does God know everything? Here have some media, so will you, isn’t it great being in the know at all times, about all things, in all the places.

Did God give you free will? Here, have some game called politics, now that’s true freedom, you can freely choose who will tell you what to do.

Did God empower you to rule over the Earth? Here, have some game called economics, so you can rule, be selfish but efficient.

Has God created you man and woman? Here’s some gender theory and you can create a hundred fold more, binary is for fools.

With all these Gods between me and them, with so much that I should be thanked for, I’ll be safe.

Go out in the streets. Change politicians. Riot. Vote. Play the game. Make a startup. Go IPO. Save money. Invest money. Buy. Loan. Steal. Play the game. Eat insect protein. Drink algae shake. Add soy milk. Irradiate almonds. Create trash. Play the game. Reach your potential. Be your true self. Identify. Play the game. I made the game, it’s a lovely game isn’t it? Fend depression. Deal with angst. Treat your loneliness. Try not to die. Play the game. Wasn’t it easier when you believed God chose me?

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