Tag: Tweets and statuses

  • I sometimes feel that with “status” comes the permission to weave phrases and the patience reading them requires. If people think you’re having enough authority, they’ll have more patience for you to explain.

    For everyone else, we require a sort of grunt writing style. Arguments like “people don’t have time”, “conclusion first”, short sentences, shorter sentences!, be concise and so on, are all super common.

    What would we want more? Clarity or simplicity?

    I agree that shortform and on topic clarity is a huge helper, but I feel there are countless more times where not treating things like fleeting feed items gives one’s brain the chance to be bright.

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  • 2021 code feels like we’re running on 64KB of memory and the compiler needs to fit as well.


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  • “You’ve disgraced this country in the eyes of the world, and my inclination is to lock you up,” Judge Reggie B. Walton said to defendant Anthony Mariotto – CNN says. The level of hypocrisy is comical. Does that judge think that is USA’s problem in the eyes of the world?

    How about ruining countless democracies and replacing them with military coups? How about stripping resources of countries to the bone and then leaving? How about abducting people and keeping them locked up in illegal facilities? How about embargoes? How about inventing wars?

    I cannot believe the depth of disillusion some people are willing to dive into. How about you stop treating “institutions of democracy” as holy sites? When I was reading the judge’s cry for replacing the will of the people with the will of the mob I laughed out loud.

    Who is he talking to? Which will of the people? The one lobbied out of existence? The one ignored for decades? The one fabricated through the media consent manufacturing? The broken will of the people that wins elections? The aspirational will of the people cast aside by elites?

    If judges in the USA believe that the image problem of the USA is the capitol riots that is a problem that, again, affects all subjects of the US Empire we all live in.

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