Coin Oppressed

To me, so far, the war with Russia is about money remaining an instrument of power.

Not my rights or your “democracy”. Not about who has the money. Nor how much. It’s about money remaining an instrument of war, blackmail, submission, colonisation and imperial control.

When money is printed based on how big your cudgel is, with no backing whatsoever, when the discipline of economics is mutilated to the bone to justify this nonsense, money is no longer a medium of free exchange.

Instead money becomes the chain and whip of oppression.

The irrational backing of Ukraine by a tributary Eastern Europe to the bankrupt Important Europe, all done to remain faithful to the hegemon, is, unfortunately, not because Russia or China are threatening us. Not yet.

The irrational backing is to support the hegemon’s coin.

And it’s not even because the US financial hegemony is bad or good. It’s because US leadership is so corrupt for 50 years, and so drunk on power for 30 years, that they forgot to run their own country.

The hegemon is ready to skin everyone alive for its addiction to green paper.

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