Guns kill people but so does unchecked firepower owned solely by governments

All Eastern Europe (Romania, Poland, Hungary, Check R. etc.) would not have been communist if common people had weapons. With the right to buy, own and carry the peoples here would have taken a dump on the “influence map” which the Americans and Russians agreed upon at like the entitled assholes they were, throwing millions in the trash bin of history.

All Eastern Europe is a prime example of what an unarmed population does to politics: it enables outside control on the destiny of a nation, it allows a small minority to take over control by rewriting numbers in books, it enables military coups and so much more.

So yes, guns kill people. But regulation is not a golden ticket either. In Romania, a person who owns a gun and shoots a burglar that enters their home at night, who is armed and threatening, needs years of investigations to clear the suspicion of murder. In their own house. At night. An unknown person.

The Romanian “law” says one should respond with “equal violence”. So if one fights with their fists or a knife, I can’t use a gun. But this is stupid of course. Plus our guns need to be locked away in a box with a key, and the key must be somewhere else. So, if we follow the letter of the law, it is impossible to use the weapon for self defence, even if the state approves you owning one for self defence.

This stupid way of things exists because the idea of an armed population is something unthinkable in areas where 95% of the people have been peasants, poor, illiterate, slaves, owned for so much of history.

Whenever we the people in these lands revolt, being unarmed, the price is hundred fold in human lives, because we don’t have weapons but the proverbial “they” do!

Guns kill people. But regulation is not going to be all good and great. As a non US citizen I care because whatever the empire does reverberates throughout the known world.

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