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  • Guns kill people but so does unchecked firepower owned solely by governments

    All Eastern Europe (Romania, Poland, Hungary, Check R. etc.) would not have been communist if common people had weapons. With the right to buy, own and carry the peoples here would have taken a dump on the “influence map” which the Americans and Russians agreed upon at like the entitled assholes they were, throwing millions […]

  • You can’t hate what you don’t love

    Hate is a very poorly misunderstood sentiment. There is all this talk about hate speech, haters, hate as the cause of war, religious hate, hating your kind, hate mail, hate comments. Talk, talk, talk. Here is the thing: the object of hate can only be the love you have for something. The love! Not the […]

  • We can’t stop it because we’re not doing it

    Someone must have something against someone else. Lately if it’s not Americans vs Mexicans, it’s the police vs the blacks, or the blacks vs the police, the Muslims vs the Christians, or the western civilization vs the eastern civilization. If it isn’t any of those, it’s the millennials vs the baby boomers, the brogrammers vs […]