We can’t stop it because we’re not doing it

Someone must have something against someone else. Lately if it’s not Americans vs Mexicans, it’s the police vs the blacks, or the blacks vs the police, the Muslims vs the Christians, or the western civilization vs the eastern civilization. If it isn’t any of those, it’s the millennials vs the baby boomers, the brogrammers vs the girls who code or some “rights” vs some other “rights”. All these happen so that the horror of the global mess we swim in, will appear less gross. Yet, things like, say, the Panama files show so clearly the depth of the political and ideological mud we’re drowning in, that someone has to do something about it.

And some people do something about it. Their solution is called discord. Discord is achieved easily with two approaches: you radicalize all subjects of discussion and you encourage opposition. Let’s see how this is done, by the book.

Like I said in the title, we’re not doing it. Discord is an induced state, induced by applying manipulation techniques. It is a trick and, as it’s the case with any trick, you must loose you attention to miss the trick. A people’s or the public’s attention is taken captive by radicalization. All opinion becomes black or white, because all subjects promoted to the rank of debate are equivocal: all Muslims are terrorists, Trump tells things as they are, the EU is pumping regulations all day long, america isn’t great anymore, guns protect people and so on, many, many other similar subjects. Reality is, it is very easy to fabricate radical opinions because you don’t need arguments when you radicalize, a radical opinion on an equivocal subject is axiomatic — it contains the truth in itself.

Just like a shell game, the one with three shells and a pea, which is basically also a trick, discord is based on a false sentiment of busyness, an induced perception of activity, buzzing around and making noise. You know how in a shell game some friends of the conman bet money and always win, so that they create legitimacy, so is this discord trick playing out on us: substance is fabricated by encouraging a false activity: opposition. Hours upon hours of talk shows, experts pouring contradictory opinions, deluding ourselves into believing there are facts on TV, or that we can count on people who create false dichotomies such as age and the right to vote, jobs and immigration, the price of food and global warming and so forth. These false oppositions are simply anomalous because everyone is right and the problems are mutually exclusive. Nobody works on constructive opposition, simply because nobody wants to break the discord, paradoxical subjects being the best possible crop of ideas that heat up the spirits. All these so called debates, themes of discussion, pro and against camps, pump out partisans, anger and lack of pause between words.

The bright side is that all the global situation we’re witnessing, has unmasked in full daylight the intricate connections between so called enemies, the weakness inside every camp, the broken social and moral compasses of world leaders, and discord itself as the big trick played on us. There is no “police vs. blacks; the left vs. the right; us vs. them” this is a made up situation by well crafted communication. Despite events, humanity overall is still made by sane folk who will not shoot and kill people to make a point. Yet, still if we shoot a target using blanks we’re not going anywhere. The loss of Bernie because of ideological crap, the rotten core of the republicans who are so thirsty for a win they made the pact with the devil, filled our “rifles” with practice shells.

When the young try to have a voice, then they are whining millennials. Just think of the way they are portrayed in the media as disoriented young adults with outrageous claims of respect, claiming respect for no other reasons than being human beings. This reminds me of this CNN commercial I’ve seen where the solution to global poverty was “putting young people into decent jobs”. There you solved it!

We should all shake up, wake up then break up this spell of discord and have some “true conversations” instead of expert debates, or else that problem of inequality generated by the 1% will evolve: from wealth it will move on to dignity, then to hope and in the end to the very right to be born and live on this Earth.

In the mean time, brace yourselves, winter is coming!

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