Will war “happen”?

Do you think that, at this point in history, war falls in the same “pool of possibilities” as the Donald winning, or is it just more populist stirrups that haunt the news?

Immigration, a concrete political truth, is the fault of a political elite that, due to their ivory tower isolation, failed to see the destructive impact of open borders.

I wonder, where are the Europeans going to seek refuge in case of conflict? In Trump’s US? Well, not if you’re gypsy, or Albanian, or Bosnian … If the Mexican wall is up will the Spanish or Portuguese people be offered refuge, should the war in Europe get that far west?

I think progressives sped up progress too fast. At high speed a small tiny bump in the road can send you crashing in the first tree. I understand what libtard means, and I am a liberal: a libtard is that liberal who doesn’t understand the part of human nature which makes us feel like we lost whenever we’re proven wrong. Libtards don’t experience this feeling because the science and studies are “on their side” and they lack that empathy and compassion required for persuading people to change.

I’ve seen so many people laughing about Greece’s military spending, having no clue of the reasons behind that. Say Turkey falls over the edge and becomes a fundamentalist state driven to a “holy” war, will they not first settle their Greek issues? Sure they will! The world now, even this place, Medium, is so filled with disconnected folk who simply think they know everything there is to be known, backed by zillions of facts and armed with powerful phrasing, borrowed from great speeches.

When two NATO allies, Greece and Turkey, were on the cusp of war in 1974, the United States secretly removed all of NATO’s nuclear weapons from Greece and cut the arming wires of every nuclear weapon stored in Turkey, rendering them inoperable. (source)

Do social justice warriors understand, I wonder, that some of the Serbs didn’t really settle with their losing the war? Do they know that some of the Croatians know how those Serbs feel? Do people who claim we should welcome waves of immigration as if it is the normal thing to do, know that most of the personnel tasked with background checks are tired and overworked folk with families waiting at home? Free movement is the right thing to do, not the normal thing to do. The normal thing, in general, is to consider how much of the right thing does it fit in what we have as a pot.

We behave as if seventy years of peace erases hundred and hundreds of years of folklore, lore, rivalries, indoctrination, religious education, customs, ethnic ties, foes and friends. Why do people believe that in a certain situation, with all the public apology, the Chinese won’t pay back to the Japanese all the pain they distilled in all these decades? I wonder, don’t the Japanese know that?

I live in a small country where the majority of people want orthodox dogma to be taught as a mandatory “religion” course in primary school! In this country racism is rampant and so are ethnic issues, unaddressed for decades. I watch as foreign forces try to force reform here, oblivious, for example, to the fact that nepotism is so ingrained in our way of life that we don’t consider it to be corruption. Stealing from the state, theft from big faceless institutions, was both the survival method and the key to success in life during 45 years of communist rule, and the EU hands us free money. Ha ha. It would be amusing, only if were it not so sad.

Last September, Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP and loudmouth Leave agitator, claimed that Britain was ‘experiencing a Romanian crime wave’ and that 92% of crimes at ATM machines were committed by Romanians.

We the Romanians were so angry when the Britons and the French made fun of us, or blamed us for their lack of employment or street beggars. But then when the quota for immigration was sent our way, we did the same things done to us, unto future Syrian immigrants. Just as the UK or France forgets the horde of IT, medical and scientific emigration out of Romania and into their countries, using that expertise, using the education we the Romanians paid for to advance their societies, so do we forget the many Muslims that are respectable business owners or doctors in our country, because crowds suffer from a kind of mix of paranoia and schizophrenia.

Crowds suffer from a kind of mix of paranoia and schizophrenia as if these latent diseases, which we all have but some of us manage very well, compound. People in Romania actually went out in the street in support of the Syrian secretary of state who revamped our medical emergency response system, and then the same Romanian people voted people who promised to keep those Syrians out.

So, I am asking you Tom Mitchell in this longish response, can war happen? If president Drumpf is a possible reality, is world war in the 21st century a possible reality? Will that 22 million army of Turkey ever assemble? What do you think?

I was watching an antisemitic video on YouTube and that moron explained how the Hebrew people are evil because they don’t go to war like everyone else. I wonder, are there countries who came to the conclusion that the only way to level the global economy is to bring the others down?

What are we doing?

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