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  • Dinozauriada

    De la inceputul acestei nebunii care ma face sa regret ca nu am ceva ce nu am vrut (beci) tot vad invierea unor idei si concepte din anii 90. Stiti, de pe vremea cand ne bucuram la blugi, TV color, mixer si guma. Pe vremea aia “occidentul” era asa o notiune vaga ce definea un […]

  • Plesu, go west!

    Plesu a intrat in joc. Din pacate prost. Descrie o realitate pe care doar el o vede: ca vestul actioneaza elegant si responsabil si estul actioneaza din topor ca niste dobitoace needucate. Nu i-o fi jena de toxicitatea inecacioasa a acestei perspective, una care nu te lasa sa respiri in tara ta unde te-ai nascut, […]

  • War Has No Good Side. None.

    War is shit. We all know that. But there is this commonly accepted idea that war has some good sides. The first one, always brought up is that war makes technology and science advance faster. This is wrong: war by itself is nothing but a setback for science and technology because standalone knowledge which doesn’t […]

  • Why do we have an army?

    Because they have an army. Why do they have an army? Because we have an army. Slaughter of other humans, lovely occupation, been here since forever. But we know what’s inside atoms! We inject our children with dead viruses and we eat chemicals that allow cuts filled with dirt to heal! If we do all this to survive, […]

  • Are web developers any good in times of war?

    Does CSS have any worth for an army officer? I personally guess not, from the front end we’ll end up directly on the front! If all your skills are about HTML and CSS you future might be bleak. Maybe some colonel will want a personal website, i don’t know like a thumbnail gallery of AK […]

  • Will war “happen”?

    Do you think that, at this point in history, war falls in the same “pool of possibilities” as the Donald winning, or is it just more populist stirrups that haunt the news? Immigration, a concrete political truth, is the fault of a political elite that, due to their ivory tower isolation, failed to see the […]