War Has No Good Side. None.

War is shit. We all know that. But there is this commonly accepted idea that war has some good sides.

The first one, always brought up is that war makes technology and science advance faster. This is wrong:

  • war by itself is nothing but a setback for science and technology because standalone knowledge which doesn’t serve humanity is useless
  • it is not war that advances discovery, what always advances discovery is:

A Highly Determined Group of Smart and Intelligent People 
With Resources, Power and Freedom to Discover

  • in times of war we let smart people finally focus and we bathe them in money and resources and freedom because any advantage can be decisive for victory
  • in times of peace we make smart people starve to death waiting for grants unless obvious profit is visible in said research

The second one, war is good for the economy. This is wrong:

  • war resets economic advancements and artificially wastes tens of generations in a rebuilding effort
  • in times of peace we have demagogues clawing their way against infrastructure projects
  • in times of war suddenly it is normal to build everything we should have already had
  • basically what is good for the economy is the constant adjustment of the economic game, not destruction of achievements

The third one, war is the last resort. This is also very wrong:

  • there is never a “last” resort, but continuous efforts for finding common ground, we do that since we were all in the savannah
  • modern wars never end so “last” really looses any meaning
  • modern war is mostly for economic purposes, so “resort” looses any meaning

The fourth: war brings liberation, yet:

  • liberation achieved through war is never settled
  • liberated people usually fail to rebuild the lost civilisation
  • people waging war have no noble reasons

The thing with war is that it is a simple solution. Politics gets away with inspiring war because humans are lazy by default and we all have the denial psychology built in since childhood. It is not our war. I will not die. My family will not be raped. My house will not be bombed. We will win. They are weak, we are strong. God will save us. Our country is great. Shit like that.

Thea very least thing we can do, we the ones who get more hours of denial free consciousness, is to dismember this monster of delusion which armies across the world feed: the benefits of war.

There are no benefits in war. Whatever you may think of that could come out right from a war is a lie wrapped in twisted logic by weak minds with strong egos which you believed.

War is one of those subjects where the ones who oppose it need to have strong positions and strong opinions. You cannot prevent war by being nice and or sarcastic towards those who propose it. You cannot prevent war if you don’t dismantle the years and years of mental manipulation about heroes who wielded armies which you were told as a child.

You cannot prevent yourself from fighting other people’s war until you have had your self cleansed of the invasive weeds of: nationalism, patriotism and of the unchecked belief and denial of death that we carry in the centre of our minds from childhood well into adulthood.

Wars bring the following items:

  • more concentration of wealth
  • invalid people
  • useless environments
  • poverty
  • resentment
  • future wars
  • death
  • pain
  • stupid people inebriated with power over other people

There are no good sides in war. And we need no soldiers.