You Have My Support For Discriminating

Against Stupidity

The red person from the picture above is discriminated against for reasons of stupidity, not because they’re red.

It is absolutely OK to discriminate, to downgrade and to communicate your separate and right stance constantly if stupidity is the reason, because stupidity is dangerous and you are not to be expected to work against yourself.

Stupidity has to be discriminated against and actively marginalized, prohibited from certain social access and pressured to get above its current condition.

Among dangerous stupidity here are some examples:

  • the Earth is flat
  • vaccines cause autism
  • communism is good but was wrongly implemented
  • spanking your kid means education
  • cold air contains the flu
  • stealing just a little is fine
  • beards make one more interesting
  • it’s not plagiarism if you reformulate
  • Darwin himself refuted the validity of evolution
  • monkeys can’t turn into humans because you can’t prove it
  • Earth is 6000 years old
  • reading a lot makes you crazy
  • if you enjoy sex you deserve to be raped
  • people didn’t make it to the moon
  • lgbt people will make the human species extinct
  • all abortion is murder
  • if you liked it, it’s not rape
  • reading ruins eyesight
  • their country is the center of world civilization
  • their ancestors are the inventors of civilization
  • their people invented writing and pizza and frozen yogurt

Ignorance is the metastasis of stupidity. That is when there is literally nothing you can do anymore.

Stupidity is the biggest danger for any child.

Lose the focus on manners, morals, affection even, because none is as important as the capacity and desire to think. So many kids look like they enter labour pains when they must think and it is primarily because in the beginning there was no one around to show them that between all things that exist there are explicable and intelligible connections.

Beware of an army of ignorants because an ignorant has no room left for sense, they are filled with certainties, superstition and disconnected factoids.

An army of ignorants is a zombie apocalypse.

And it’s coming.

So do discriminate against stupidity. Stupidity is mankind’s worst plague and it is spreading at ferocious rates. Banish them, isolate them, don’t selectively try to put sense into them when you sense ignorance. Just as you’d do in a zombie invasion, do mass damage to the horde.

Or you will fall. We will fall. Civilization will fall. We’ll have to start again. All of us, again fighting for basic rights, for spaces to live, for open existence, but not right away. Later. Because once the horde wins, like all hordes, they’ll destroy meticulously every shred of our previous victories.

It’ll be centuries again.

The arthritis of the world

In this day and age normal war of country versus country makes no sense. War today is the war of the political leaders waged on their own people.

What seemed to be progress pushed us closer to enabling sociopaths and other emotionally empty or unstable, but charismatic, people to seize power in an unchallenged manner.

Technology may bring about illumination of mankind, and it may also be the great leap into our collective shared abundance future, but at the very same time technology on its own is neither good nor bad and many, too many, technologists have radical extremist opinions, which they now conflate with valid political views.

For example the deep currents swirling in technologist circles imbuing everyone with promised land kind of prophecies about Mars, seasteading or separating California from the U.S. This is dangerous because these radical views, these exit strategies, create a void filled by crazy sociopaths who either help scission or they fight it to the death.

Neither is progress.

Progress is only towards one, global, united, happy, healthy, safe humanity. Progress is only towards humanity being greater than nations. Progress is solely about eradicating everything and anything which makes the pursuit of happiness hard.

But I digress.

The modern war is happening between elected or unelected pyramid tops and the people who support that pyramid, a war between a nation with itself. From Trump and his racial and religious war of purifying the american nation, through Putin and his autocratic war of enslaving his people, passing by Erdogan’s self inflicted war of decapitating the turkish nation, all the way to Bashar Al Assad’s violent civilian war. Even the European leaders, emancipated as they are, they are effectively waging smaller wars on their nations through elitism, euro scepticism, autistic responses to emotional shocks or overzealous rages about imaginary problems.

Modern war is autoimmune.

There is very little reason to invade. Land domination, not that it disappeared as a threat, is not economically viable anymore, so, with the exception of radically inspired zealots, there is very little political will for invasion and war declarations in the old fashioned way, that is between the heavily armed countries. Paradoxically, smaller countries, less armed countries, are much more virulent in their plans to conquer and destroy enemy civilizations.

The big players are colluding on taking on full control. And that is terribly scary, it is as if the enemy wins the war without a single bomb being launched, without you even knowing you are being conquered.

Because the modern enemy has no country. The enemy of today is ideology and caste based power. We have had this before but the difference is now we have the technology to create transnational cooperation for ideological enforcement. People tend to think revolutions are always about the good guys, but they’re not, they are simply a definition about ideological shifts, a ground up departure from the old way.

In a sense, Trump and his team are revolutionaries.

It is very easy to see why Trump and Putin appear to be “friends”: they have common ideological inspiration all based on a the foundation of complete and utter disregard for fundamental humanistic values. They don’t care, they are the honey badgers of world politics.

But you might wonder, how is this war possible, don’t people see it? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s the media that both covers and wages it.

Legitimised propagandistic media outlets, with national, and some international, coverage and captive audiences are the stealth armored tanks of the modern warfare.

They lie. They call misinformation what is actually flagrant disinformation, intentional deceit. They call opinion what are direct and eloquent attacks. They call hate speech free speech. They run non stop mystifications on all available channels: TV, radio, internet, paper.

You see there is nothing really and fundamentally new. Propagandistic media outlets have been around since forever. What is happening today is the phenomenon of captive audiences. What we have today is pervasive access to intimate details about mass behavior, individual decision making neuronal processes, personal data, excruciatingly detailed demographic parameter measurements, refined communicators with roots stuck deep into behavioral psychology. This helps the media wage the war.

And, what we have today and didn’t have in the past, is the corrupt legitimised media, outlets which people historically trust, media which has been independent and it has grown partisan, media who are employing decent folk and uses moral corruption tactics to tie them in and turn them into battery powered talking automatons, media who covers equally legit subjects and fabricated subjects, a huge machine of fabricating thought leaders by using the image and energy of real thought leaders. This helps the media cover the war.

There is a war going on. If it will be using weapons, I don’t know. If it will continue, I am sure of it. Will we lose: we will unless we become aware of what is under attack: humanity, universal values, basic rights, personal safety, privacy and free thought.

Technology with its huge adoption rate, sharp societal penetration and fast adaptive power is a terrible weapon to use if captured.

Do you notice how the founders of big tech companies, which have clear visions about humanity, hold control on their companies? Not all of them do it, only those who have an ingrained deep feeling of personal mission, and most of the time this mission is not to solve a human problem, but to “solve” humanity at large. What is the political place they’re in?

Would people vote someone who promises to fix the world? I hardly think so. People vote for tomorrow, for their current life. Nobody even hopes to ever see the world fixed, there is actually popular wisdom advising against even trying. Yet, some of the future’s most powerful men and women want to fix the world, and they know they need political action to do it.

Does it become a bit clearer why Peter is friends with Donald?


The weather is terrible.

power collusion floods drowning democracy, general discontent tsunamis blowing away meritocracy, technology fueled social earthquakes displacing civilisation itself.

What is there to be done? I think this:

First: power is in numbers. Second: proactive defence. Third: reactive offence.

I will continue in a future story about each of the above, in a personal attempt to figure out a way to break through as an open minded human in a world that is becoming more and more closed, extreme and pressurized.

In the meantime, what do you think?

Why are taxes compulsory, but voting is voluntary?

A democratic state has two things that make it or break it: common wealth and common will. Even communist states were self entitled democratic, people’s democracy meant that it was assumed that there was a common will.

However, what is strange is that everybody cares about the money much more than about the beings. I mean, if I fear the state for not paying my taxes, why does the state let me, the citizen, be completely uninvolved civically and politically?

Right now the democracies of the world try hard to build their common wealth but lack common will. US, UK, Western Europe, Eastern Europe everywhere you look there is one pattern: a complete split of opinion and a divisive discourse from representatives.

In my democracy, the participation to the common will should be as compulsory as taxes.

And, while tax evasion is punished by fines and jail, civic evasion should be punished by exclusion from any kind of support from government. That means no free social, medical or special assistance, no free support from the state whatsoever for unmotivated failure to cast a vote once every two years. I am open to ideas about what should be the best way to punish against failure to vote, but there has to be one.

Basically we’re all complaining that “those stupid ignorant simpletons”, who are never us, have hijacked our democracies and dictate who runs the joint. However, may I ask, who teaches them? Do you think it is a natural reflex to read on wikipedia? I can assure you it is not.

How come the educational system is so little concerned with teaching and explaining how the state works? Why is it such a secret? Why do we need to be college educated to be presented with a clear picture of the games we’re born into? People have no clue how a country exists, how money exist and so on.

Yet all we care about is the cash. The hard cold cash from the hard cold taxes. No one cares if you sleep your way through the world, pay the state the money it asks and make as little change as possible. One is born into a never ending stream of work that will effectively rip off the all too touted humanity and leave behind a predator with a constantly tickled survival instinct but numbed down in actions by cultural brainwashing. With this conditioning we get productivity, and after the economy game drained any trace of participation, the tax system drains any trace of independence.

You are forced to participate for the creation of only half the system, the material part. However, where the interesting part starts, were the power is created, well, no one encourages you to do participate. And I don’t mean campaign calls for electorate to go out and vote, that’s zero.

I mean actual education for participation and legislated obligation to participate. But the ruling class is very happy with voter apathy, even when their faction loses.

Another proposal: in order to dismantle this ruling caste that is now effectively chocking almost every democratic system, we should lobby and picket for free paid civic leave. Civic leave should be paid time off for civic activities: attending city council, civic volunteering, civic learning systems, confronting authorities, checking with representatives and so on.

Because we need to understand, the ruling class is not a conspiracy, it is a group of people united by the conjuncture of sharing the big pot of power. What they care for first is not more power, but preserving the access to power. Only after that is safeguarded, do they make any effort for accessing more of it.

That is why democracy seems to fail so hard with Brexit and Trump. In my country everyone is blaming the old for voting the corrupt, and the young for not voting. My opinion is that not voting is worse than voting for a bad idea. But we need to counter this by the way of flanking: make voting compulsory and encourage citizens to participate to democratic life outside of the voting process.

Everybody talks about the stupid idea of direct democracy. This idea is stupid. It clearly is wrong to have nationwide voting for every single problem, not to mention the overhead of having to campaign every single lawmaking action.

Instead, we should talk more and act on encouraging participation. We need to incentivise learning about how the world works. We need to have people feel in control and decide in an informed manner their future, because, after all, that’s what democracy is for: crafting a collective future.

Do you agree with compulsory voting? How about social penalties for failing to vote? Should the state make private enterprise pay the people for civic involvement?

You know what annoys me?

Things that don’t connect.

This article has full spoilers on Arrival and Florence Foster Jenkins.

We went to the movies. We had Trump in our minds. We did a weekend full of chores and decided to soothe that with the wonder of moving pictures. Twice.

Saturday, Arrival. Sunday, Florence Foster Jenkins.

And Trump. I wrote an article,

It was supposed to be a confidence vote granted to my near future.

But then I saw this Arrival movie.

The aliens gave us a language that once learned gave one the possibility to foresee the future. But! The big but was that what was called in the movie “non linear time” meant that events were fixed. Time is set in stone and there is only one way in which it unfolds. This had to be the most depressing thesis I’ve seen lately.

But remember Interstellar? That guy messed with the time traveler paradox inside a tesseract and sent messages back in time because future transcendent humans knew from the future this had to happen in the past. One way. Time and its events set in stone. Last year I was just sad.

This year’s “SciFi”event was downright depressing.

Like, there is a woman who decides to marry a man who will leave her because she decided to go ahead and have a baby girl with him knowing that their baby will die of an incurable disease after reaching teen age all while knowing he’ll leave her because he was one who couldn’t agree with the choice of going ahead with a doomed course of events but this fundamental difference in personality type didn’t matter any more or less than the known disorder causing the yet unborn girl to have this disease killing and first causing huge pain and misery to an unsuspecting human. This whole movie looked like a huge Pro Choice advert. And very disempowering.

I mean what if Trump had to be? What if that FBI director was the shit cause that aligned the odds so that the prescribed timeline could plough ahead?

’Cause ya know, I still believe that the donald by itself is not a super force of change. But what if:

  • there is a cataclysm that suspends democracy for emergency state
  • an insurrection occurs
  • freaking aliens arrive
  • there happens a major, and I mean major not starving tribes men in deserts with rockets type of thing, major international conflict, warring superpowers
  • or maybe divergent government appears in donald’s, you know, more or less federal country?

What if things like these occur in the next two years of donald’s complete hold on power? That is a scary set in stone future to me.

And what’s with these movies? Why is this art suddenly agreeing that there is only one way? And why, may I ask, do we humans of today or yesterday always need some hot shots from other galaxies or from the future itself to solve our current problems?

Do we need as a society someone who tells us what to do, and art just reflects what we’ve already voted?

Is this nationalist racist radical dumb xenophobe political doctrine that incoming future which we can only know about and observe but never change?


And with that loaded into working memory we went to see Florence.

Depressed, all I needed was mixed feelings. I mean, is this about a beautiful spirit who wanted to be seen in its joyful manifestation or about how the whole world is the playground of the rich? I mean, the second option I knew before seeing the movie. Yet the way it is presented in Florence Foster Jenkins with such charisma as only Hugh Grant could ever muster, made me red faced angry. But then Meryl Streep. I mean, maybe Florence was sending the world a message, maybe we should stop trying to be the best and just do things because we like them and abort the grading of our performance.

Mixed feelings. A commoner making a fool of themselves is publicly executed. A rich person is cushioned in all possible ways. Is Florence full of ego or full of passion? Is she sane? Is it an example to follow or a story about an unusual incident?

Such potential.

But in the movie there was this line where Hugh Grant says he (ahem his character) always aimed to be an actor, but at some point realized he won’t be a great actor, and at that point ambition left. And as the tyranny of ambition left he could start to live. And:

People may say I couldn’t sing, but no one can ever say I didn’t sing,

… said a dying Florence. But, does it matter? And is lack of ambition the grease of the mediocrity engine or is ambition the hammer that thinks everything is a nail?

My article on Trump. 294 views 127 reads 14 hearts. I am starting to live.

But Florence. The story, the movie, the two scripts detailing it (there is another french version Marguerite) all appeal to the comedic factor of one wearing the emperor’s clothes and the tragic factor of the meanness of mankind targeted at a deluded human.

But I also see that this was possible because of wealth. Do you see the connection between Florence and Ryan Lochte? I do. Is the world the playground of those who win the many lotteries it provides?

Are we all the hosts in the the real life West World of the ones who succeed? Should we be because there is no progress otherwise?

I mean, Trump came back after Meryl Streep died so beautifully as only she can. And the tears of Mr. Grant, reminded me of donald’s team at the white house. Oh lord.

This brat is running the world. All those 60,350,241 votes enabling his game to work and him to play.

He gets to be president because he was born Trump and we the people just upgraded the levels reachable by the winners.

I get to go to work. You too. When is our upgrade coming?

Donald Trump won’t do squat

Protect the system they voted against.

Why the fuck is everyone whining about one dude so much?

There is a system.

On January Day when he will have the most awesome egogasm in his life, he’ll also enter the biggest BDSM relationship with the system that keeps the whole US joint working. And the system is the raddest dom you’ll ever meet. Oh, how the system will squeeze that orange.


It is very hard to undo a system put in place by hundreds of years of aristocratic pyramid building. The only way is to effectively terminate the human web of relationships that actually holds in place the country game.

Hitler did it. He killed them all in the night of the long knives.

Stalin did it. He killed them all in the great purge and the smaller purge after for the exclusive society of those with loyalty ties.

That’s how it works. You cannot do it with words or by being an asshole. You need a shitload of determination and the force of armed partisans who somehow believe they’re doing the right thing.

Does the US have enough people with extreme beliefs, people infiltrated in high power structures and also people common in profile but high in numbers? Hardly so. Is there a true revolutionary spirit among Trump’s voters? Not really. It is a lot of ressentiment. A lot of resentment.

Anti-system vote? Protect the system they voted against!

Nietzsche said:

(T)he problem with the other origin of the “good,” of the good man, as the person of ressentiment has thought it out for himself, demands some conclusion. It is not surprising that the lambs should bear a grudge against the great birds of prey, but that is no reason for blaming the great birds of prey for taking the little lambs. And when the lambs say among themselves, “These birds of prey are evil, and he who least resembles a bird of prey, who is rather its opposite, a lamb, — should he not be good?” then there is nothing to carp with in this ideal’s establishment, though the birds of prey may regard it a little mockingly, and maybe say to themselves, “We bear no grudge against them, these good lambs, we even love them: nothing is tastier than a tender lamb.”
 — Friedrich Nietzsche, On the Genealogy of Morality, oh yea baby Wikipedia philosophy, so? Sue me!

This is how we humans work. It is nothing shameful or wrong to be infuriated that someone votes for a notorious asshole like Trump, just as it is nothing shameful or wrong to be infuriated that someone invites Syrian refugees without blinking to live next door to you. Both matters are complex. And the intelligent human is intelligent exactly for internalizing fury and anger and envy and disgust and fear and sublimating them creatively somehow.

In the creative output of the combined frustration of people holding any or all of: racist beliefs, strong religious convictions, low knowledge of how the world functions, poverty inflicted pain, disbelief in the upcoming future, Trump is the core metaphor, a rich asshole, a big worded demagogue, a morally bankrupt caricature of the oppressors: by voting Trump they merely expressed their oh so soothing conclusion that it is they who must be good and right, and why not saint.

If we continue to keep the accusatory finger extended, they’ll eventually byte it off. No manners for the fearing lamb.

Oh, you may say, they don’t have the right to feel this way. Well this is not how it works. All humans feel like humans. Weapons changing hands only shifts tides but doesn’t end wars. The day the whites in the US will really be the minority is a day to prepare for. If we get there.

If you feel targeted by Trump’s idiotic hate campaign or the alt right’s shitty brain diarrhea: fear for your safety. It makes you pay attention. Other people in history (see German Jews or British politicians of pre WW2) were not hysterical that assholes suddenly ran the world, they had noble attitudes. They lost or died or both.

But investing the Donald with apocalyptic power is a bad idea.

Start laughing and keep tight rows.

I am one of conflicting beliefs. For example, I think that the right to bear arm which the US constitution grants is good and it should be very, very, very carefully amended, because an armed population is hard to be taken over by governing sociopaths, unlike all of Europe and so many other countries of the world. In my country if a Trump ascends on a wave of popular support we stand no chance of defending democracy, in the true visceral sense of the word “defending”. We can only either bow our heads or have them chopped off.

The polish people learned this. They are working towards a more prepared population. They have their reasons too.

There is a system. Pay attention to the system. Take control of the system and keep control of the system. That is what the civil society does. The executive government should only use the system. If this remains and all minorities, future majorities, the marginalized and the not ignorant disenfranchised unite in a strong civil society, the Donald will only quack.

Watch the laws. Keep close to your representatives. Picket. Organize and mingle among the ones that are now celebrating. Everyone who had the courage and inner resistance to read Breitbart and watch videos of folks “exposing” the PC conspiracy on Youtube, everyone who was liberal but not ignorant knew inside that there was a real chance for Trump.

But the ignorant liberal is locked into their moral supremacy. Will we have an atheist scientist soon to discover the moral gene as the selfish gene who stepped on the right side of history? I wouldn’t be surprised, the market for self congratulatory idea syrup is huge, a best seller for sure. Locked in the moral supremacy of their so right beliefs and justified anger and ancestral smirk of resistance, people will be charmed by themselves and forget to pay attention.

The system is what matters, not the puppets we vote.

We all must know that it is just a system. A convention among us the humans, which is also changeable by us humans too. All we need is persistence. Stop being afraid to be afraid, face the cold and the anxiety of the fleeting life. Be active and involved. If not for you then for your children. If you have no children, than for other people’s children. If that ain’t doing it for you then do it because you’re being suckered into oblivion everyday, every day.

The wave of disgruntlement makes people tired. The impulses of moving to another country are exhausting. The planning to flee and the void that remains drain you before you take the first step to that airplane. All these liberals who now want to move into Canada are not very different than the openly trump supporter Peter Thiel and his floating cities for the special humans. He wants to emigrate too, but into his own special floating city.

Our exhaustion is their strength. These people who make up the system and who control what’s in our plate each day, these people are powerful because we let them control each day of our lives. The number of hours in traffic jams, the hour you wake up every day, the chances you stand in the ER or the quality of the school your child will go to.

They have the power to decide in your place if the country goes to war, if food is a right or an obligation, if the water should be just as clean for everybody or if the sun falling on your skin should be taxed or not. Don’t be fooled. Almost nothing of that sanctified property you own is actually yours.

The system. The system owns everything. The system will replace you both at work and in life.

This is not a conspiracy. There are people who hold office for decades in a row now. If you are part of the system don’t be scared or ashamed. We the people want you to do good and be noble towards our humanity, that’s all. We don’t want you to quit, to concede, to make pacts, to fraternize with stray folk, to settle on surviving. We want you to keep the game alive in our terms, the terms of a game both for the people and by the people.

Look at this, just look at this:

The chart starts at 52 mil. So watch out for the misled belief that Dem turnout halved. It didn’t. It simply shows that it is HRC’s campaign that demobilized not DT’s that mobilized.

This is the result of the ivory tower class of moral supremacy caste exercising their power of idea congestion upon the human society of a country. It makes people quit.

Folks, it is not the donald who will put the foot in your door and ask for your immigrant papers. It is not the donald that will enforce mandatory religious ceremonies for aborted pregnancies. It is not the donald who will allow Russia to stretch and catch vigor again. The donald is merely a seventy year old member of the orange race.

Donald Trump won’t do squat. Stop this orange supremacy fear mongering. It is we who will be placid or reactive, active or dormant, involved or disconnected, tired or enraged, smug or engaged.

When proven wrong people don’t feel enlightenment but defeat

“The Agony of Defeat”, Trevor Batstone.

Emily Dinckinson wrote:

Success is counted sweetest
By those who ne’er succeed.
To comprehend a nectar
Requires sorest need.
Not one of all the purple Host
Who took the Flag today
Can tell the definition
So clear of victory
As he defeated — dying –
On whose forbidden ear
The distant strains of triumph
Burst agonized and clear!

She was correct.

Maybe the progressives should take note of this reality of the human spirit.
Maybe we should take a moment to realize that the balloon of progress is inflated more and more each day, squeezing conservatives against the wall of the unacceptable.
Maybe we all, the open minded folk, should acknowledge the dark clouds of global movement of population bringing the same problems back into societies that have already cleared them, more or less.

I’m not sure! Maybe!

I mean our mentality is barely out of the dark ages. Knowledge is out of the middle ages for hundreds of years, but our collective models of the world, well, they are just seeing the light. So the progressive pressure might be the new steam revolution, for the archetypes of the worlds.

But the main argument still holds: whenever you manage to make your take win remember someone lost. Viscerally, it has zero importance that the argument was obvious, or that “history” is on your side, or that, hell, facts are overwhelmingly with you. Sure, people will dissimulate as much as possible. Most will rationalize the defeat as “lessons”, but there will be a lot who will accumulate defeats.

The defeated don’t give up. They build up. They move from existence to subsistence. And when they emerge, the subsistence made them so sharp that they can pin the entire world to the ground.

Radicals were never the majority, yet since forever, a strong and determined group of people can change their entire world. And sometimes radicalization makes strong and determined groups of people.

And it is about nothing in particular. The wrong is everywhere: in science, in politics, in family life, at work, no matter the setting, the defeat of the ones in the wrong keeps piling up. And we’re all sometimes in the wrong! Sure, there is local defeat which sinks with the dying of generations. But global defeat on concepts and mentalities thrive with the passage of time because we forget how hard we’ve got the freedoms and the progress. Forgetting is the springboard of demagogues.

This year I realized we’re going back to salon manners. Ideas like etiquette gained solid support. Shunning merit because of nodding done behind closed doors is ever more common. The terms of sexist, racist, old, lame are imparted as easily as ever, but today there is a committee of those “in the know” and if they label you as such, you’re done. So medieval.

I also fear the new tech nobility, because it doesn’t matter how enlightened you are if you live in an ivory tower you’ll eventually get tired of the common people, forgetting the fact that:

Success is counted sweetest
By those who ne’er succeed.

Just my 2 cents,


Will war “happen”?

Do you think that, at this point in history, war falls in the same “pool of possibilities” as the Donald winning, or is it just more populist stirrups that haunt the news?

Immigration, a concrete political truth, is the fault of a political elite that, due to their ivory tower isolation, failed to see the destructive impact of open borders.

I wonder, where are the Europeans going to seek refuge in case of conflict? In Trump’s US? Well, not if you’re gypsy, or Albanian, or Bosnian … If the Mexican wall is up will the Spanish or Portuguese people be offered refuge, should the war in Europe get that far west?

I think progressives sped up progress too fast. At high speed a small tiny bump in the road can send you crashing in the first tree. I understand what libtard means, and I am a liberal: a libtard is that liberal who doesn’t understand the part of human nature which makes us feel like we lost whenever we’re proven wrong. Libtards don’t experience this feeling because the science and studies are “on their side” and they lack that empathy and compassion required for persuading people to change.

I’ve seen so many people laughing about Greece’s military spending, having no clue of the reasons behind that. Say Turkey falls over the edge and becomes a fundamentalist state driven to a “holy” war, will they not first settle their Greek issues? Sure they will! The world now, even this place, Medium, is so filled with disconnected folk who simply think they know everything there is to be known, backed by zillions of facts and armed with powerful phrasing, borrowed from great speeches.

When two NATO allies, Greece and Turkey, were on the cusp of war in 1974, the United States secretly removed all of NATO’s nuclear weapons from Greece and cut the arming wires of every nuclear weapon stored in Turkey, rendering them inoperable. (source)

Do social justice warriors understand, I wonder, that some of the Serbs didn’t really settle with their losing the war? Do they know that some of the Croatians know how those Serbs feel? Do people who claim we should welcome waves of immigration as if it is the normal thing to do, know that most of the personnel tasked with background checks are tired and overworked folk with families waiting at home? Free movement is the right thing to do, not the normal thing to do. The normal thing, in general, is to consider how much of the right thing does it fit in what we have as a pot.

We behave as if seventy years of peace erases hundred and hundreds of years of folklore, lore, rivalries, indoctrination, religious education, customs, ethnic ties, foes and friends. Why do people believe that in a certain situation, with all the public apology, the Chinese won’t pay back to the Japanese all the pain they distilled in all these decades? I wonder, don’t the Japanese know that?

I live in a small country where the majority of people want orthodox dogma to be taught as a mandatory “religion” course in primary school! In this country racism is rampant and so are ethnic issues, unaddressed for decades. I watch as foreign forces try to force reform here, oblivious, for example, to the fact that nepotism is so ingrained in our way of life that we don’t consider it to be corruption. Stealing from the state, theft from big faceless institutions, was both the survival method and the key to success in life during 45 years of communist rule, and the EU hands us free money. Ha ha. It would be amusing, only if were it not so sad.

Last September, Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP and loudmouth Leave agitator, claimed that Britain was ‘experiencing a Romanian crime wave’ and that 92% of crimes at ATM machines were committed by Romanians.

We the Romanians were so angry when the Britons and the French made fun of us, or blamed us for their lack of employment or street beggars. But then when the quota for immigration was sent our way, we did the same things done to us, unto future Syrian immigrants. Just as the UK or France forgets the horde of IT, medical and scientific emigration out of Romania and into their countries, using that expertise, using the education we the Romanians paid for to advance their societies, so do we forget the many Muslims that are respectable business owners or doctors in our country, because crowds suffer from a kind of mix of paranoia and schizophrenia.

Crowds suffer from a kind of mix of paranoia and schizophrenia as if these latent diseases, which we all have but some of us manage very well, compound. People in Romania actually went out in the street in support of the Syrian secretary of state who revamped our medical emergency response system, and then the same Romanian people voted people who promised to keep those Syrians out.

So, I am asking you Tom Mitchell in this longish response, can war happen? If president Drumpf is a possible reality, is world war in the 21st century a possible reality? Will that 22 million army of Turkey ever assemble? What do you think?

I was watching an antisemitic video on YouTube and that moron explained how the Hebrew people are evil because they don’t go to war like everyone else. I wonder, are there countries who came to the conclusion that the only way to level the global economy is to bring the others down?

What are we doing?


There is no cause and effect, just synchronicity.

The legend of Atlantis is as current as possible. Be it that a feeling of your notion of truth penetrates the legend, and you start to perceive it as a historical fact, be it that your reason using the esoteric method and unravel the meaning of the legend, Atlantis remains the foundation of the pyramid as the archetype of the secular world.

In days older than the roots of our words, and in times much more bright than the gray fog of our routine, an empire led by the enlightened clergy carries its glorious days towards the nearing end. The essence of its glory has been perverted. The white enlightening has been colored with see through vines of pride, of the cult for power and of disobeying the divine will. The conclusion of this legend is the volatility of the human spiritual becoming; the mountain tops, once sunk in the blessed clouds of divine presence, crumbled under the plaguing effect of erosion brought by the vices of thought: we are the chosen ones, the inferior castes must remain inferior because that is what our superiority depends on.

When you stop and consider that the elites of the Atlantic empire could transform matter with the power of their mind, you are driven even less to believe that they could ever fall into such errors of reason. Yet, attention is an activity which can never become reflex because in order to practice attention the full participation of the conscious is required. However the reflex by definition implies surrendering the keys to the unconscious and any reflex activity slides in time inside the thick thicket of the instincts, where it can’t come out from by weaning but solely through catharsis. Therefore, attention is an activity you cannot get used to. You cannot pay attention without paying attention to paying attention. Looks like a cheap wordplay, but missing on deeply understanding this leads to the perpetual failure of the corpus mundi to stay in the graceful state of spiritual becoming.

In the same way the initiated clergy who had reflexes such as telekinesis, telepathy and other para-perceptions, left their attention to be preyed upon by the ghosts of below. As Jung described it in his red book, this ghost has the habit of subversiveness, and as the habit dictated it shook and broke the foundation of the ruling illuminated clergy until it sank in the mud of darkness, pulling the top of the Atlantis social pyramid out of the divine presence. Then it all turned to dust.

Yet apparently God created the world only once and hence the history of the world is continuous because that dust kept being sifted. In the biblical deluge God allowed Noah to finish his boat. Around the Atlantis it existed then, as it does today, the rest of the world. The difference of culture and civilization though was huge. The survivors of the cataclysm in Atlantis scattered across the face of the earth, in the six directions, to start an attempt to build back a part of the lost civilization. These spirits, elders, from whose wisdom the current civilization draws its roots have guided nations for a long time towards rebuilding the long gone miracle, but at a planetary scale this time.

Be it that these old spirits are a historical fact (the sources are very shady), be it that they are the artistic expression of the forebears’ wisdom archetype, it’s impossible to miss the fact that generation upon generation the leaders of the world did everything physically possible, and subtly allowed, to ensure the continuity of their bloodlines first, and of their ideas second, meaning the future perpetuation of a sacred set of mental models: separation, power, individualization and knowledge.

It appears as though these old ones were of some sort of secondary rank in Atlantis, as if that clergy immersed even briefly in divine presence … did not survive the cataclysmic ending of the empire. Therefore in the perspective of an esoteric history of the world, mankind was led by a horde of Atlantis clerks. Storing knowledge, they don’t possess the mastery for the simple fact that there was no one left to offer them the initiation.

Even so they marched forward, fulfilling the mission they were entrusted with, to implement in the new society the old but stable symbolic structure of Atlantis: the pyramid. They put themselves at the top, and the construction started towards the bottom. Metaphorically of course, everything can be seen today in the current structure of the world, a world organized from the top to the bottom, a world constantly boiling on it’s own struggle to abolish the privilege of the top.

The model of the pyramid is very reliable and stable. Obviously, nothing is reliable at the level of eternity, but for normal human cycles the Atlantic pyramid is more than enough. But this whole model was duplicated through an exact but uninitiated knowledge. The positive intention, the divine mandate of the elders temporarily holding the seal of the guide, made for a lasting system, helped it to prosper and grow, today globally. Still inside the peculiarity of each individual in the elders group the lack of initiation leaves a easily recognizable print: rush, materialism, the cult of power as matter and the organic impossibility of emphatic connection to people around, to people outside of their group.

Yet at some point in time the mandate of this group of elders expired — more precisely it was withdrawn. They died, some were born again, but their place at the top of the pyramids was no longer guaranteed. And this group of elders too left behind a horde of clerks of destiny. And this horde, still uninitiated, but with claims of descent. Instead of a top we now have a vacant but inaccessible plateau, and this is the reason why it is so easy to see how every current society goes through the same type of crisis: a clique of dummies rules the world, our world, the world of frustums. Families made of humans shoved to the top by nothing else other than inheritances, guard the plateau up there by applying one single law: getting to the top without any contribution to the real advancement of the domain on whose top you’re at: masters everywhere who help no one and diplomas that mean nothing more than the paper they’re made of. When you hear praises of copying and stealing other’s creativity, when you notice louts and clowns making the world’s laws and running for president, when your ears hurt because of so called leaders who cannot articulate even a single original thought take a moment to consider that maybe the elders put them there as guards, unfortunately for us.