There is no cause and effect, just synchronicity.

The legend of Atlantis is as current as possible. Be it that a feeling of your notion of truth penetrates the legend, and you start to perceive it as a historical fact, be it that your reason using the esoteric method and unravel the meaning of the legend, Atlantis remains the foundation of the pyramid as the archetype of the secular world.

In days older than the roots of our words, and in times much more bright than the gray fog of our routine, an empire led by the enlightened clergy carries its glorious days towards the nearing end. The essence of its glory has been perverted. The white enlightening has been colored with see through vines of pride, of the cult for power and of disobeying the divine will. The conclusion of this legend is the volatility of the human spiritual becoming; the mountain tops, once sunk in the blessed clouds of divine presence, crumbled under the plaguing effect of erosion brought by the vices of thought: we are the chosen ones, the inferior castes must remain inferior because that is what our superiority depends on.

When you stop and consider that the elites of the Atlantic empire could transform matter with the power of their mind, you are driven even less to believe that they could ever fall into such errors of reason. Yet, attention is an activity which can never become reflex because in order to practice attention the full participation of the conscious is required. However the reflex by definition implies surrendering the keys to the unconscious and any reflex activity slides in time inside the thick thicket of the instincts, where it can’t come out from by weaning but solely through catharsis. Therefore, attention is an activity you cannot get used to. You cannot pay attention without paying attention to paying attention. Looks like a cheap wordplay, but missing on deeply understanding this leads to the perpetual failure of the corpus mundi to stay in the graceful state of spiritual becoming.

In the same way the initiated clergy who had reflexes such as telekinesis, telepathy and other para-perceptions, left their attention to be preyed upon by the ghosts of below. As Jung described it in his red book, this ghost has the habit of subversiveness, and as the habit dictated it shook and broke the foundation of the ruling illuminated clergy until it sank in the mud of darkness, pulling the top of the Atlantis social pyramid out of the divine presence. Then it all turned to dust.

Yet apparently God created the world only once and hence the history of the world is continuous because that dust kept being sifted. In the biblical deluge God allowed Noah to finish his boat. Around the Atlantis it existed then, as it does today, the rest of the world. The difference of culture and civilization though was huge. The survivors of the cataclysm in Atlantis scattered across the face of the earth, in the six directions, to start an attempt to build back a part of the lost civilization. These spirits, elders, from whose wisdom the current civilization draws its roots have guided nations for a long time towards rebuilding the long gone miracle, but at a planetary scale this time.

Be it that these old spirits are a historical fact (the sources are very shady), be it that they are the artistic expression of the forebears’ wisdom archetype, it’s impossible to miss the fact that generation upon generation the leaders of the world did everything physically possible, and subtly allowed, to ensure the continuity of their bloodlines first, and of their ideas second, meaning the future perpetuation of a sacred set of mental models: separation, power, individualization and knowledge.

It appears as though these old ones were of some sort of secondary rank in Atlantis, as if that clergy immersed even briefly in divine presence … did not survive the cataclysmic ending of the empire. Therefore in the perspective of an esoteric history of the world, mankind was led by a horde of Atlantis clerks. Storing knowledge, they don’t possess the mastery for the simple fact that there was no one left to offer them the initiation.

Even so they marched forward, fulfilling the mission they were entrusted with, to implement in the new society the old but stable symbolic structure of Atlantis: the pyramid. They put themselves at the top, and the construction started towards the bottom. Metaphorically of course, everything can be seen today in the current structure of the world, a world organized from the top to the bottom, a world constantly boiling on it’s own struggle to abolish the privilege of the top.

The model of the pyramid is very reliable and stable. Obviously, nothing is reliable at the level of eternity, but for normal human cycles the Atlantic pyramid is more than enough. But this whole model was duplicated through an exact but uninitiated knowledge. The positive intention, the divine mandate of the elders temporarily holding the seal of the guide, made for a lasting system, helped it to prosper and grow, today globally. Still inside the peculiarity of each individual in the elders group the lack of initiation leaves a easily recognizable print: rush, materialism, the cult of power as matter and the organic impossibility of emphatic connection to people around, to people outside of their group.

Yet at some point in time the mandate of this group of elders expired — more precisely it was withdrawn. They died, some were born again, but their place at the top of the pyramids was no longer guaranteed. And this group of elders too left behind a horde of clerks of destiny. And this horde, still uninitiated, but with claims of descent. Instead of a top we now have a vacant but inaccessible plateau, and this is the reason why it is so easy to see how every current society goes through the same type of crisis: a clique of dummies rules the world, our world, the world of frustums. Families made of humans shoved to the top by nothing else other than inheritances, guard the plateau up there by applying one single law: getting to the top without any contribution to the real advancement of the domain on whose top you’re at: masters everywhere who help no one and diplomas that mean nothing more than the paper they’re made of. When you hear praises of copying and stealing other’s creativity, when you notice louts and clowns making the world’s laws and running for president, when your ears hurt because of so called leaders who cannot articulate even a single original thought take a moment to consider that maybe the elders put them there as guards, unfortunately for us.