Incipient sickness

I hate the expression:

you don’t get to [place human emotional craving here]

It is the new way of emotional punishing: crush their oxytocin levels by openly reflective reverse empathy.

Who the fuck gave you power over what I get to? Your weird crappy prescription morality? Your obvious logical superiority?

And gawd is this popular! The younger you are the more you get to imprison people in your fucked up social sharing emotional mirrors amplifying you puny little starved hatred.

Hate is better than the moral patronizing of a permanent mutiny mob.

Power in numbers, speaking for the many, amplifying opinion, all powerful weapons. I have no idea why would people think that a weapon taken from the hand of the oppressor becomes a red pill blessing in the hand of the revolutionary, when a weapon will never change purpose with a change in ownership. Weapons are the artistic expression of power and their core message is vulnerable exposure.

Amplifying what people get to and what people don’t get to is pulling the propaganda trigger. Propaganda is a weapon that fires with mentalities.

The warriors of the good today are the generals of evil tomorrow. Who tells you what you get to today, allows what you will get to tomorrow.

Are you fighting on the side of the obvious good? Be better.

Don’t change the man in the mirror, change the world in my eyes

Science advances one funeral at a time, said Max Planck. This is a greater truth than it first appears: if you want to change the world, start early.

  1. If you are some teenager browsing Medium and find this article by a remote chance and you feel the drive to make this planet better or drive humanity to a brighter future, or whatever the way it makes sense in your head, but you are brave enough to get the point, start now.
  2. If you’re some other one in your twenties and feel like your calling is of a higher nature and would love to make this joint decidedly awesome, I’m willing, start now.
  3. If you’re yet another in your thirties, even if time is running out, if you’re still hanging on the fringe of confidence, unsure if you can, you can!, start now.

The problem with world changing is that it takes time.

It takes Hillary Clinton political career lengths of time. It takes decades of watering down ideas, and pursuit of those who loose to find their noble side which sees the light and then adopt the change. Any change is like a child, born out of love, but unlike one it has to be adopted by everyone it meets, it is a child with the world as a horde of parents.

Don’t change the man in the mirror, change the world in my eyes

There is an ocean of advice that tells one to change themselves. Don’t do it. This is the trap that delays your start. Let your broken self as it is, because this unchanged self is the true caring parent of change. Updated selves are overworked parents to change, ignoring it until it is too late to make anything good out of it. Your change needs to know who you are, and it won’t, if you don’t.

— Don’t change the man in the mirror.

The world is not an illusion, the universe is an illusion. The world is a consensus and if you want to change the world you need to see what this consensus is. You find that out by looking in my eyes. Me the fellow human who can’t or won’t change the world, because I see it as unchangeable. Not me the writer, me the human, and all of them, all the humans, all those swirling around you, swinging around your potential, gravitating around your presence in their world and waiting for you to lit up and be the star which makes them blue gems harboring life.

— Change the world in my eyes.

Start now.

[1] Michael Jackson — Man In The Mirror — YouTube
[2] Depeche Mode — World In My Eyes (Video Version) — YouTube

Beware of singlethink!

one meaning assigned

George Orwell got this one wrong

There are some forms of art, literature, visual and other, which are so grand that you cannot go around them, no matter how much you try. I wish I had found another example, rather than referencing Nineteen Eighty-Four, yet again, but it is simply too good and too precise not to recall it.

George Orwell imagined a political lockdown world, where perpetual war secured the political power of three totalitarian governments in three super states. The way the people were duped into maintaining a perpetual war and supporting war waging leaders was by three main inventions: newspeak, doublethink and ingsoc.

Ingsoc is an imaginary political philosophy grounded on bias and fallacies of the mind; we should read this just to remember that we can do this without even blinking, by mistake, by democratic process:

We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means, it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power.

So, all you warriors out there, don’t you make believe with your intentions for you are all humans too. And if you are a social justice warrior or a human rights warrior or an inclusivity warrior, if by playing this warrior script you are going to get the power then, just like all humans, you’ll have the hardest of times to let it go. Social justice, human rights or inclusivity need no war. Find a god damn better metaphor and think more about the fact that the means contaminate the end by justifying it, as, in reality, the means justify the end.

Newspeak is a constructed way of speaking. This is another thing in progress throughout the entire planet. We do it currently in three different ways, all converging into scarce concepts populating our current culture: political speech focusing on less and less problems, entertainment delivering ever more precise dopamine hits and the good intentions of civil society praised as solutions which obliterate ideas, failing to see that fertile ground has a lot of shit laid on top beforehand. We currently, in the PC landscape, are so anxious to implement the darn change already that we simply translate intention as solution and consider it done.

The one pillar of Orwellian dystopia which is different in the worldwide trends of today is doublethink. Doublethink is meant to force people to hold contradictory ideas as having equal truth value. Well, no. We are in the process of devising singlethink, where we carefully forge exactly a specific amount of truth and value to every known concept, and consider it a thoughtcrime to assign more or less truth or more or less value to a concept than the norms of singlethink devised.

Singlethink is in the making by the whole carefully constructed system of intellectual isolation, concerned with creating exclusive safe spaces, liberally using blocking buttons and encouraging corporate level service denials to individuals.

Singlethink by corporation. I am glad Milo was removed from Twitter, but I am strong enough to confront the fact that it is a guilty pleasure and that it is fundamentally wrong. Just as Elon ordering denial of service to someone who criticized his event management skills, so does Twitter overact in blocking individuals from accessing the network. This is Robin Hood type of justice and I do not want a world ran like that. Milo should loose in court and be jailed for instigating people to hate and violence, and if we don’t have laws to make it so we should work to make these laws, not rejoice that some business people made a PR stunt and removed a user from a platform.

In the future all we’ll have to communicate on will be platforms. Should they be decentralized systems or private enterprise, depends highly on how resistant will the first world be in assimilating the hunger of the second and third world. If we allow decisions about participation to be made by targeting individuals, we are paving precedents for abuse.

Singlethink by blocking. Blocking people and removing them from your feed is OK and it is a health decision for avoiding triggers. But if blocking someone alters how ideas were exchanged and effectively obliterates history and spoken interaction, we are building a scary future where we’ll simply loose our species’ highest paying evolutionary advantage of learning and continuing from where people before us have gotten our civilization.

Singlethink by safe space. Removing people from conferences, which is what inspired this after reading Hash Array’s article, defaulting to removing Douglas Crockford from Nodevember, because other speakers refused to speak if he was allowed to speak on stage, is totally and completely crazy and it is what makes singlethink so close to reality it makes my skin go bumpy. Basically this is a childlike approach of refusing to play with the kids that don’t play your way.

Let’s be clear, Douglas is an annoying opinionated older white male who like all the grey beards in computer science gives a lot of crap to newbies, and surely makes one feel like they’re shit compared to his proven way of doing things. But he did not go on stage to instigate hate, sexism, racism, exclusivity or intolerance. He did not author think pieces persecuting the poor or the underprivileged or the disenfranchised, like other people in tech did. He was an annoying dude behind the scenes, during conferences he attended to. To each his own, who the hell makes you go and talk to the guy if he is a prick? On stage he speaks about Javascript, so …

Singlethink is dangerous and it is already here. People dismiss ideas and arguments by the time they reach the third sentence, in a five thousand words long article, because some kind of trigger warning was missed or because some concept is not held in the recommended and promoted rules of singlethink.

Listen, the army of trolls doxing people and threatening women with rape and fucking up the life of anyone who is a rational, tolerant and open minded human are not the subject here. Be aware of the difference. The problem is when things are far from obvious. The problem is when we blatantly carve out varying meaning and shades of gray from ideas. I am not supporting idiotic people who say that racist comments are protected by freedom of speech. They are not. They should be banned, just not by private entities, but by us, by law, by society as a whole.

Singlethink is the death of progress and paradoxically it is a fruit of the progressive’s work.

nderground this is also a response to your reply here:

You many not like being blocked, but strong blocking is a feature, not a bug in my view. It is part of privacy and controlling your social environment.

Yes, but breaking dialogue that occurred and happened in the past is not, it is rewriting history by deletion.


There is no cause and effect, just synchronicity.

The legend of Atlantis is as current as possible. Be it that a feeling of your notion of truth penetrates the legend, and you start to perceive it as a historical fact, be it that your reason using the esoteric method and unravel the meaning of the legend, Atlantis remains the foundation of the pyramid as the archetype of the secular world.

In days older than the roots of our words, and in times much more bright than the gray fog of our routine, an empire led by the enlightened clergy carries its glorious days towards the nearing end. The essence of its glory has been perverted. The white enlightening has been colored with see through vines of pride, of the cult for power and of disobeying the divine will. The conclusion of this legend is the volatility of the human spiritual becoming; the mountain tops, once sunk in the blessed clouds of divine presence, crumbled under the plaguing effect of erosion brought by the vices of thought: we are the chosen ones, the inferior castes must remain inferior because that is what our superiority depends on.

When you stop and consider that the elites of the Atlantic empire could transform matter with the power of their mind, you are driven even less to believe that they could ever fall into such errors of reason. Yet, attention is an activity which can never become reflex because in order to practice attention the full participation of the conscious is required. However the reflex by definition implies surrendering the keys to the unconscious and any reflex activity slides in time inside the thick thicket of the instincts, where it can’t come out from by weaning but solely through catharsis. Therefore, attention is an activity you cannot get used to. You cannot pay attention without paying attention to paying attention. Looks like a cheap wordplay, but missing on deeply understanding this leads to the perpetual failure of the corpus mundi to stay in the graceful state of spiritual becoming.

In the same way the initiated clergy who had reflexes such as telekinesis, telepathy and other para-perceptions, left their attention to be preyed upon by the ghosts of below. As Jung described it in his red book, this ghost has the habit of subversiveness, and as the habit dictated it shook and broke the foundation of the ruling illuminated clergy until it sank in the mud of darkness, pulling the top of the Atlantis social pyramid out of the divine presence. Then it all turned to dust.

Yet apparently God created the world only once and hence the history of the world is continuous because that dust kept being sifted. In the biblical deluge God allowed Noah to finish his boat. Around the Atlantis it existed then, as it does today, the rest of the world. The difference of culture and civilization though was huge. The survivors of the cataclysm in Atlantis scattered across the face of the earth, in the six directions, to start an attempt to build back a part of the lost civilization. These spirits, elders, from whose wisdom the current civilization draws its roots have guided nations for a long time towards rebuilding the long gone miracle, but at a planetary scale this time.

Be it that these old spirits are a historical fact (the sources are very shady), be it that they are the artistic expression of the forebears’ wisdom archetype, it’s impossible to miss the fact that generation upon generation the leaders of the world did everything physically possible, and subtly allowed, to ensure the continuity of their bloodlines first, and of their ideas second, meaning the future perpetuation of a sacred set of mental models: separation, power, individualization and knowledge.

It appears as though these old ones were of some sort of secondary rank in Atlantis, as if that clergy immersed even briefly in divine presence … did not survive the cataclysmic ending of the empire. Therefore in the perspective of an esoteric history of the world, mankind was led by a horde of Atlantis clerks. Storing knowledge, they don’t possess the mastery for the simple fact that there was no one left to offer them the initiation.

Even so they marched forward, fulfilling the mission they were entrusted with, to implement in the new society the old but stable symbolic structure of Atlantis: the pyramid. They put themselves at the top, and the construction started towards the bottom. Metaphorically of course, everything can be seen today in the current structure of the world, a world organized from the top to the bottom, a world constantly boiling on it’s own struggle to abolish the privilege of the top.

The model of the pyramid is very reliable and stable. Obviously, nothing is reliable at the level of eternity, but for normal human cycles the Atlantic pyramid is more than enough. But this whole model was duplicated through an exact but uninitiated knowledge. The positive intention, the divine mandate of the elders temporarily holding the seal of the guide, made for a lasting system, helped it to prosper and grow, today globally. Still inside the peculiarity of each individual in the elders group the lack of initiation leaves a easily recognizable print: rush, materialism, the cult of power as matter and the organic impossibility of emphatic connection to people around, to people outside of their group.

Yet at some point in time the mandate of this group of elders expired — more precisely it was withdrawn. They died, some were born again, but their place at the top of the pyramids was no longer guaranteed. And this group of elders too left behind a horde of clerks of destiny. And this horde, still uninitiated, but with claims of descent. Instead of a top we now have a vacant but inaccessible plateau, and this is the reason why it is so easy to see how every current society goes through the same type of crisis: a clique of dummies rules the world, our world, the world of frustums. Families made of humans shoved to the top by nothing else other than inheritances, guard the plateau up there by applying one single law: getting to the top without any contribution to the real advancement of the domain on whose top you’re at: masters everywhere who help no one and diplomas that mean nothing more than the paper they’re made of. When you hear praises of copying and stealing other’s creativity, when you notice louts and clowns making the world’s laws and running for president, when your ears hurt because of so called leaders who cannot articulate even a single original thought take a moment to consider that maybe the elders put them there as guards, unfortunately for us.

I hate geo copyright because it rapes me intellectually

God damn it, is copyright meant to make me feel deaf and blind? This shitty geographical fencing against distribution is raping my senses on a daily basis.

What the fuck is wrong with you people? How can you possibly believe this is normal, to actually tell me that a video or an audio is not available in my country? What? On the freaking Internet? Morons! I am living in a fucking hole here people, and your content limitations are keeping it a hole, you fucking idiots. Does fucking sound stop at the border? Do photons fly above some parts of Eastern Europe? I highly doubt it fuckers!

I understand copyright. I believe it is good. I don’t believe that, for example Spotify is better for artists than the old label model, and maybe Taylor Swift has a point. But limiting content distribution is a Scrooge move, a fucktard move on millions of people, especially online where you, the copyright owner have the content freely available in other countries. You fucking morons, why isn’t your video available in some countries, not even for sale? Why can’t I listen to music, even if I want to pay for it the same price consumers in better off economies currently pay, just because I was born at a certain latitude and longitude?

I wish upon you motherfuckers that you experience that kind of hell where you are stuck in a black glass bell and you can see in a blurry way how everything around is beautiful, how everyone around is dancing and having fun, but you are stuck in that black glass matte bell and can’t hear anything more than mumbling and can’t even see much more than shadows.

Happy eternity, you freakin’ idiots.

The inequality propaganda

1 > 39 and other inequalities

The 1% is now another umbrella term that tries to make the other 99% feel like they have things in common. The truth is that they don’t.

By wealth the world is not split in 1% and 99%. It is in fact split between the “top” 1%, next 4%, 5%, 10%, then the “middle” 40% and last the “bottom” 40%. For clarity I will make the middle 39% and the bottom 41% so that we can differentiate them better.

The percent badge

— you are born with —

There is a system in our society. It is not new and it occurred naturally. It is a mistake to consider this a planned event. What is planned and has always been is the work done to conserve it and keep it running for millennia. This system is made of:

The 1% -ers

the leaders, ultra rich, the system users

They are so closely related in interests that they seem like one giant classroom . So related in attitudes that they look like an extended family. This group’s biggest asset is influence. When they ask there is with 100% certainty someone who will comply. The biggest harm they do is preserving the status quo no matter the price, they can afford any price.

The 4% -ers

the elite, super rich, the system designers

These folks are simply lacking some generations of wealth accumulation. Some are 1%-ers fallen because of whatever. This group’s biggest asset is mentality. They hold strong minded opinions coupled with high education standards. They output the needed intellectual and cultural norms that hold society in place. The biggest harm they do is the crass opinion manipulation of the masses from womb to tomb.

The 5% -ers

the extended elite, very rich, the system engineers

That is the most interesting group. Some of these people have absolutely no part into our discussion. They are having the time of their life and are too busy at that. But the others fight hard to not squander what they’ve got. It is for them a personal duty to confirm their place inside the elite. They pamper their future generations in all available ways. This is just to make sure they will conserve and then expand the wealth. The biggest asset of this group is practicality. Lobby is their friend. Academia their lover. Politics their brother. The biggest harm they do is applying themselves to endlessly prove their status. They collect success.

The 10% -ers

the well off, rich, the system gears

This group is so large you might actually know someone in this group. You or they might not even acknowledge the membership. Your corporate CEO, is very likely in this group (if not higher). The biggest asset of this group is the unquenchable thirst for life. They strive for more every second of their wake existence. They are very much in touch with reality. The biggest harm they do is applying a double measure to others all while pampering their egos to the max.

The 39% -ers

the normal, decent, the system cogs

Among them one is probably you. If you are on medium, reading this, odds are you are in this slice. Of course you could be in any other slice, but odds are you are in this one. This slice is huge. It is so huge it has layers. You could be at a top layer and feel like a 10%-er or at a bottom layer and feel like a 41%-er. The biggest asset to of this group is self sufficiency. This provides a super thick wall against the siege of existential angst. It cracks, only sometimes and only individually, but overall it is an overwhelming success. The biggest harm they do is not getting out of themselves. Fearing the unavoidable face-off with meaninglessness they imagine their way into the grave.

The 41% -ers

the long-tail, poor, the system oil

This is where you’re so thankful you’re not, or you are desperate to get out of. From refugees to tribal people. From people earning the cost of toilet paper to people subsisting from agriculture. Everyone is at this party with empty pockets. This group has no assets other than sheer numbers. The biggest harm they do is functioning in survival mode their entire life. Too bad they ignore the sentencing of their children in the process.

So there are roughly 5 other groups out of the 1%. In which are you when fighting for equality?


— you are bombarded with —

I loathe the revolutionary discourse against the accretion of wealth without any solution. What is the alternative? How do we fix this? Do you think taxation will solve it? It won’t because how much can you take from one’s wealth without transforming law into theft? The 1% is made of a lot of individuals, over 15 million people. That is a small country. What are we going to do, confiscate goods and liquidate accounts?

Proposed fixes for equality are shallow. They only propose Robin Hood style “take from the rich give to the poor” actions. But within legal limits they don’t help equality much.

  • Eliminate certain deductions => 1% = 4%
  • Progressive taxation => 1% = 5%
  • Full socialist taxation => 1% = 10%

That is about all we can do via “global” and demagogic policies. Then here is the gap that only capitalism has been able to somehow cross so far. How do you get beyond this point without ruining civilization and progress? Capitalism has built a — super freaking narrow — bridge over this gap. This bridge is giving one in twelve chances to those on the other side to cross into heaven.

Communism tried to fill the gap up with some sort of bullshit theory of class wars. Everyone who tried to pass got swamped and drowned in ideology or Stalinist police.

Force it? You don’t get much from forced redistribution:

  • Forced 1% = 39% => hunter gatherers!
  • Force 1% = 49% => stone age 🙁

Ever since agriculture set in for humanity the gap has been put in place. Its like large human settlements created this naturally, this English Channel of human societies.

The golden top of the social pyramid that shocked poor Paretto.

It bothered me for a long time that this discrepancy in wealth exists in the world. I hate my condition too, I work too much. I paid with health for having a house of mine. But when I started to buy into this 1% propaganda my bells started to bang louder and louder: what does this mean? Why should I be angry at this? Don’t we the ones at the bottom of the pyramid enjoy our life as designed from “above”?

As of yet there is thought police by means of lobby. If you dare say political correctness is thought police I will fire you from being human. Go back to primate life and let me be a creature with superior thought processes. Lobby, on the other hand, bends consequences. This is thought police by discouragement. If a huge number of people actively sustain a cause and lobby kills their a chance, that is thought police.

But as of yet in modern, democratic, healthy societies we do not have thought police by means of police. This is good. This is indicative that:

39 + 49 > 10 + 5 + 4 + 1

Now what?

—Occupy. #youdidntbuildthat. Conspiration. Illuminati. Meh. OK. —

Now what? Instead of focusing on hatred against the few, what do we the rest actually do? For Christ’s sake, those complaining every day carry on like inequality doesn’t exist. Then they vote for the guy who says #youdidntbuildthat. On weekends they post selfies at some Occupy flash mob. But most of us live in healthy democracies. We do have the tools, where are the think tanks of the 39%? I tell you where: ass kissing the 10 + 5 + 4 afraid we might slip into the dreaded 41% swamp.

One may think capitalism has bred the inequality instead of human nature. But then we have 50 years of failed socialist experiments. If you yearn for socialism after that, then you clearly are a dreamer. That is good, but you are not determined.

Utopias drain determination. Dystopias drain motivation.

Utopias drain determination because they’re so fucking impossible. Why would I start running towards the horizon? I’ll never get there. It only keeps my eyes too damn high so that I can stumble at the tenth step.

Dystopias drain motivation because they are so fucking decisive. Why would I go in that direction if there is a burning pit waiting at the end of the road? Hell no. I better stay where I am or follow the leader.

The better we seek does not come from change but from transformation. Change is boring and alternatives will almost all the time incorporate:

  • the same flaws of human thinking
  • the same emotional or rational biases we are hard wired with.

Transformation is about constantly iterating and perfecting the world. Its like in software development: a rewrite is almost always a bad idea. You might refactor here and there but iterations add incremental improvements that add up.

We should do this too at society level. Why do we vote the same rich folks with obvious interest groups rallied around them? Why do candidates with less visibility fail to be voted? Why don’t we do more activist work for the children of the future? Our main assets are motivation and size. Lets gather up the much needed determination!

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