Tag: Social Justice

  • Incipient sickness

    I hate the expression: you don’t get to [place human emotional craving here] It is the new way of emotional punishing: crush their oxytocin levels by openly reflective reverse empathy. Who the fuck gave you power over what I get to? Your weird crappy prescription morality? Your obvious logical superiority? And gawd is this popular! […]

  • Don’t change the man in the mirror, change the world in my eyes

    Science advances one funeral at a time, said Max Planck. This is a greater truth than it first appears: if you want to change the world, start early. If you are some teenager browsing Medium and find this article by a remote chance and you feel the drive to make this planet better or drive humanity […]

  • Beware of singlethink!

    George Orwell got this one wrong There are some forms of art, literature, visual and other, which are so grand that you cannot go around them, no matter how much you try. I wish I had found another example, rather than referencing Nineteen Eighty-Four, yet again, but it is simply too good and too precise not […]

  • Frustum

    There is no cause and effect, just synchronicity. The legend of Atlantis is as current as possible. Be it that a feeling of your notion of truth penetrates the legend, and you start to perceive it as a historical fact, be it that your reason using the esoteric method and unravel the meaning of the […]

  • I hate geo copyright because it rapes me intellectually

    God damn it, is copyright meant to make me feel deaf and blind? This shitty geographical fencing against distribution is raping my senses on a daily basis. What the fuck is wrong with you people? How can you possibly believe this is normal, to actually tell me that a video or an audio is not […]

  • The inequality propaganda

    1 > 39 and other inequalities The 1% is now another umbrella term that tries to make the other 99% feel like they have things in common. The truth is that they don’t. By wealth the world is not split in 1% and 99%. It is in fact split between the “top” 1%, next 4%, […]