Don’t change the man in the mirror, change the world in my eyes

Science advances one funeral at a time, said Max Planck. This is a greater truth than it first appears: if you want to change the world, start early.

  1. If you are some teenager browsing Medium and find this article by a remote chance and you feel the drive to make this planet better or drive humanity to a brighter future, or whatever the way it makes sense in your head, but you are brave enough to get the point, start now.
  2. If you’re some other one in your twenties and feel like your calling is of a higher nature and would love to make this joint decidedly awesome, I’m willing, start now.
  3. If you’re yet another in your thirties, even if time is running out, if you’re still hanging on the fringe of confidence, unsure if you can, you can!, start now.

The problem with world changing is that it takes time.

It takes Hillary Clinton political career lengths of time. It takes decades of watering down ideas, and pursuit of those who loose to find their noble side which sees the light and then adopt the change. Any change is like a child, born out of love, but unlike one it has to be adopted by everyone it meets, it is a child with the world as a horde of parents.

Don’t change the man in the mirror, change the world in my eyes

There is an ocean of advice that tells one to change themselves. Don’t do it. This is the trap that delays your start. Let your broken self as it is, because this unchanged self is the true caring parent of change. Updated selves are overworked parents to change, ignoring it until it is too late to make anything good out of it. Your change needs to know who you are, and it won’t, if you don’t.

— Don’t change the man in the mirror.

The world is not an illusion, the universe is an illusion. The world is a consensus and if you want to change the world you need to see what this consensus is. You find that out by looking in my eyes. Me the fellow human who can’t or won’t change the world, because I see it as unchangeable. Not me the writer, me the human, and all of them, all the humans, all those swirling around you, swinging around your potential, gravitating around your presence in their world and waiting for you to lit up and be the star which makes them blue gems harboring life.

— Change the world in my eyes.

Start now.

[1] Michael Jackson — Man In The Mirror — YouTube
[2] Depeche Mode — World In My Eyes (Video Version) — YouTube