Incipient sickness

I hate the expression:

you don’t get to [place human emotional craving here]

It is the new way of emotional punishing: crush their oxytocin levels by openly reflective reverse empathy.

Who the fuck gave you power over what I get to? Your weird crappy prescription morality? Your obvious logical superiority?

And gawd is this popular! The younger you are the more you get to imprison people in your fucked up social sharing emotional mirrors amplifying you puny little starved hatred.

Hate is better than the moral patronizing of a permanent mutiny mob.

Power in numbers, speaking for the many, amplifying opinion, all powerful weapons. I have no idea why would people think that a weapon taken from the hand of the oppressor becomes a red pill blessing in the hand of the revolutionary, when a weapon will never change purpose with a change in ownership. Weapons are the artistic expression of power and their core message is vulnerable exposure.

Amplifying what people get to and what people don’t get to is pulling the propaganda trigger. Propaganda is a weapon that fires with mentalities.

The warriors of the good today are the generals of evil tomorrow. Who tells you what you get to today, allows what you will get to tomorrow.

Are you fighting on the side of the obvious good? Be better.