I hate geo copyright because it rapes me intellectually

God damn it, is copyright meant to make me feel deaf and blind? This shitty geographical fencing against distribution is raping my senses on a daily basis.

What the fuck is wrong with you people? How can you possibly believe this is normal, to actually tell me that a video or an audio is not available in my country? What? On the freaking Internet? Morons! I am living in a fucking hole here people, and your content limitations are keeping it a hole, you fucking idiots. Does fucking sound stop at the border? Do photons fly above some parts of Eastern Europe? I highly doubt it fuckers!

I understand copyright. I believe it is good. I don’t believe that, for example Spotify is better for artists than the old label model, and maybe Taylor Swift has a point. But limiting content distribution is a Scrooge move, a fucktard move on millions of people, especially online where you, the copyright owner have the content freely available in other countries. You fucking morons, why isn’t your video available in some countries, not even for sale? Why can’t I listen to music, even if I want to pay for it the same price consumers in better off economies currently pay, just because I was born at a certain latitude and longitude?

I wish upon you motherfuckers that you experience that kind of hell where you are stuck in a black glass bell and you can see in a blurry way how everything around is beautiful, how everyone around is dancing and having fun, but you are stuck in that black glass matte bell and can’t hear anything more than mumbling and can’t even see much more than shadows.

Happy eternity, you freakin’ idiots.