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  • What a wonderful world

    I see trees of green, Legit I see them too, nice trees Red roses too, Yes, I have a few in my garden I see them bloom, I rarely get to see them bloom because I am so busy all the time. For me and you, Oooh. For me? I dont think they bloom for […]

  • New eternity in 5, 4, 3 …

    There is no God willing to torture you for an eternity, because eternal torture is boring. There is no eternal happiness either. Eternal happiness requires both eternal awareness and your freezing in a particular state, but if you don’t change awareness is zero, therefore happiness is maximum right before it changes you so that you […]

  • Four

    Autumn evenings Summer mornings Spring days Winter nights

  • How to adult: be patient.

    I think adulthood is split in three parts. In the first part, you are working hard to get all the things you wanted as a child. Material and immaterial things. In the second part, you are working hard to get all the things you wanted as a teenager. In the third part, you are finally […]

  • This is the reason Elon Musk has rockets and you don’t

    Elon Musk pretends to know shit about rockets. Listen, your brain is very good at two things: making structure out of unstructured data finding patterns in structured data The brain is great at figuring out how to organize streams of unknown data, and we call this process understanding. The brain is great at recognizing patterns in […]

  • I do

    I love my life, As much as I love life, But just as much As living loves me.

  • To Worship

    Do not worship out of hope. Worship out of curiosity. ​Gods always start at the top of your forehead. The most abstract ideas and the most incomprehensible concepts are at the basis of all religion: Chronos (time), Brahman (space), The Word (consciousness). Then they get lower and lower. They deprecate, they decay, and are finally […]

  • You do not need to consume

    Consumption is not an actual need, it is a necessity Needs differ from necessities, because humans can rationalize adversity. Rationalisation is the action of attempting to explain or justify behaviour or an attitude with logical reasons, even if these are not appropriate. A need is solvable adversity. For all adversity too complex to solve we […]

  • I am grateful to be me

    Yes. Exactly as you read it. I have seen in my brief existence a lot of people. I am grateful to be me. I am grateful that I can let go. I’ve let go of everything that went too far away from me. This makes me light. I don’t have no special skill, I simply […]

  • Sunt recunoscător că sunt eu

    Da, chiar așa. În scurta mea existență am întâlnit mulți oameni. Sunt recunoscător că eu sunt eu. Sunt recunoscător că pot să renunț. Am renunțat la orice lucru care s-a îndepărtat prea tare de mine. Asta m-a făcut să mă simt ușor. Nu am vreo tehnică. Pur și simplu nu pot să țin strâns de […]