To Worship

Do not worship out of hope. Worship out of curiosity.

​Gods always start at the top of your forehead. The most abstract ideas and the most incomprehensible concepts are at the basis of all religion: Chronos (time), Brahman (space), The Word (consciousness).

Then they get lower and lower.

They deprecate, they decay, and are finally brought to a more human level of understanding. In the end it’s all about basic instinct such as survival, reproduction or the natural love for our offspring: Jesus, Krishna or Hercules.

I’ve wondered why this happens, and then I knew because I lived.

I had time on my side, and with time on my side I was able to just be a bystander and watch life unfold. When I saw that everything in those childhood dreams and promises began dissipating into this weird fog of consciousness, then I realised how all those absolute gods of the beginning are childish concepts and that the later gods are when people live life and realise that what they thought was actually bullshit.

All the low gods and all the heroes are gods of disappointment.

And you can see it too, because when you look at these gods you’ll see that their image is built on hope, you will see that hope is the cornerstone of their prophecy. All saviours and heroes will bring, inevitably, at the end of the journey, disappointment, but even worse there are prophecies which will bring disillusionment.

As another adult I would advise all adults to worship the great initial gods because they are the key to understanding what are you able to understand.

And once you have reached a place where you know that you have understood everything that you could understand death is lighter. And if there is one last second, the one last second when you realise you’re going to die, it is important not to feel a crushing weight of death, but a light touch of peace.

That is why I think we should think more of the consciousness we possess, of time, we should think more about the future and the past, or about the fact that we are all connected together, and about the fact that we are not that different having originated in the same initials soup.

I think that all those recipes for life that the late Bible contains, and when I say late I mean about everything that follows the Genesis, all the recipes about how to live and how to be, they’re just weaving hopes that make a net of illusions which will throw you onto the shore of disillusionment. As do all the other holy books of the world: netted struggles to hijack a revealed truth.

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