You Have My Support For Discriminating

Against Stupidity

The red person from the picture above is discriminated against for reasons of stupidity, not because they’re red.

It is absolutely OK to discriminate, to downgrade and to communicate your separate and right stance constantly if stupidity is the reason, because stupidity is dangerous and you are not to be expected to work against yourself.

Stupidity has to be discriminated against and actively marginalized, prohibited from certain social access and pressured to get above its current condition.

Among dangerous stupidity here are some examples:

  • the Earth is flat
  • vaccines cause autism
  • communism is good but was wrongly implemented
  • spanking your kid means education
  • cold air contains the flu
  • stealing just a little is fine
  • beards make one more interesting
  • it’s not plagiarism if you reformulate
  • Darwin himself refuted the validity of evolution
  • monkeys can’t turn into humans because you can’t prove it
  • Earth is 6000 years old
  • reading a lot makes you crazy
  • if you enjoy sex you deserve to be raped
  • people didn’t make it to the moon
  • lgbt people will make the human species extinct
  • all abortion is murder
  • if you liked it, it’s not rape
  • reading ruins eyesight
  • their country is the center of world civilization
  • their ancestors are the inventors of civilization
  • their people invented writing and pizza and frozen yogurt

Ignorance is the metastasis of stupidity. That is when there is literally nothing you can do anymore.

Stupidity is the biggest danger for any child.

Lose the focus on manners, morals, affection even, because none is as important as the capacity and desire to think. So many kids look like they enter labour pains when they must think and it is primarily because in the beginning there was no one around to show them that between all things that exist there are explicable and intelligible connections.

Beware of an army of ignorants because an ignorant has no room left for sense, they are filled with certainties, superstition and disconnected factoids.

An army of ignorants is a zombie apocalypse.

And it’s coming.

So do discriminate against stupidity. Stupidity is mankind’s worst plague and it is spreading at ferocious rates. Banish them, isolate them, don’t selectively try to put sense into them when you sense ignorance. Just as you’d do in a zombie invasion, do mass damage to the horde.

Or you will fall. We will fall. Civilization will fall. We’ll have to start again. All of us, again fighting for basic rights, for spaces to live, for open existence, but not right away. Later. Because once the horde wins, like all hordes, they’ll destroy meticulously every shred of our previous victories.

It’ll be centuries again.