Sudden Realism

There is nothing, because nothing is.

Simple tasks are the hardest.

Amazement is temporary.

Everything is a habit.

Before habit there is no memory.

Everything is fast.

Before fast there is non-existence.

In the continuum of existence, pain feels like a relief.

Existence is numb.

We’re such circular creatures.

When the circle breaks we’re free. But in freedom there is no quality.

Freedom is cold and full of fears.

Freedom is a constant run away from anguish. Such tiresome breaths. The cold of freedom freezes your every draw of air.

Do I miss the warmth of circular belief? No. Do I miss the habit? Yes.

Self awareness is not a blessing. Not in a world stuck in simple ever extrapolating rulesets.

Self awareness is a bottomless hole in which you start falling. You fall into it along with your entire world.

How to be happy? Here:

Thank me later. Very meek, much modest.