Why do people believe decriminalising sex work means encouragement to become a sex worker?

Is it legal to be a stunt man? It is.
Is it legal to be a miner? It is.
Is it legal to be a stunt pilot? It is.
Is it legal to be a deep sea fisherman? It is.
Is it legal to be a lumberjack? It is.

Do people flock to do these types of extremely dangerous jobs? Hell no!

Does the legal status of these jobs ensure worker protection, benefits in case of accident, rules and inspections for work safety? Hell yea.

Do we need someone to do these things? We do.

The why won’t people just be honest to the fact that they don’t give a fuck about sex worker’s well being, but instead cling with their nails and teeth on all the shitty religious morality that they base their life on?

Anyone opposing legal sex work is HELPING human traffic knowingly. Anyone opposing legal sex work is LOCKING human slaves with yet another chain. Anyone opposing legal sex work is ADDING to the poverty of those who sell sex for survival.

And all these fucking churches with their fucking ancient dogmas, with their water walking prophets who fucking marry prostitutes, with their ancient kings shelling out wealth to get access to hundreds of sex slaves, should sober up or be simply punished by society for the crimes against humanity they commit through their relentless brainwashing and opposition to any attempt to make this place as their God explicitly intented it to be:

a welcoming place for living a human life

Is our ephemereal existence not enough of a repentance for being born? Do we need to discuss the economic and sociological basis for legal sex work, when in fact it always ends up being all about the right of a few assholes dictating through fear what humans should and should not do?