Make normal fluid again

I realised that in the current climate:

Up to birth, a child is the property of the mother to physically and mentally alter without state consent. After birth, a child is the property of the state to physically and mentally alter without parent consent.

This is the progressive view on children and their parents in relation to the community. Similar disjunctions justify positions that are in conflict in terms of individual determination and collective needs (e.g. my body my choice, but mandatory health procedures).

Thinking about this it dawned on me: the radical left uses laser thin morals to explain their world view, the radical right uses floodlight thick morals to explain their world view. Neither is good obviously. You are either chopped into multiple conflicting parts, so on the left you loose individuality because your uniqueness is made of unique parts, or on the right, you loose individuality because whatever you do there’s gonna be a finger pointed at you for being unholy.

Beyond the extreme left and the extreme right you’ll always find transhumanism. This is the common playground for the zealots of both right and left when they’re sick and tired of people “not seeing the path” and instead finding their way back into the normal middle.

Transhumanism hides the most refined form of hatred towards humanity and the human condition. To reach this refinement one must go through the religious experience of zealotry either on the left or on the right. Normal people remain human and normality is fluid.

However, progressive extremes restrict normality’s fluidity by making everything so fluid that individuality is impossible ’cause no parts work together anymore, while conservative extremes restrict normality’s fluidity by making normality a fixed set of rules, so individuality gets killed by conformity.

Either way, one ends up with stupid fights. Abortion politics is probably the best lens to see how the “world” we inhabit is ran by emotionally ill people each practicing their addictive zealotry. As a result, we all create the hyper-normal, or the society of constant normalisation.

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