Things which don’t belong together

Our so touted “World Peace” owes to corruption far more than it does to capitalist globalized commerce. It is one of the optimists’ worst founded ideas.

The truth is mankind’s deepest superstition. There is no objective truth, other than mathematical truth. Everything else being subjective is, eventually not true.

The large majority of people never think about anything which is not immediate, so in effect acting as automatons of their own story. The lack of foresight, caution, prediction, care or planning is staggering. So few people really want something.

Do you notice how the rich keep taking property away from the poor? Rent, subscriptions, planned obsolescence, mentality creation, artificial cheapening, trends, fast fashion, new product subscription, unrepairable hardware, exorbitant costs for fixing … Long list of property being separated from small owners.

Property is guaranteed as long as you have it. We should, I’d say, cherish more the right to get property. This should be guaranteed as well, and this is where basic income would be a good fix.