Let’s blame the people. They’re at fault. You darn mask not wearing humans! Let’s blame humanity. Let’s hide our faces and failures by telling people they’re doing it wrong. At the same time let’s never focus, never get our shit together, never prune, never burn the weeds. Let’s allow the same old branches suck the tree dry. Let’s allow the weeds to proliferate in the infestation, like they always do. And for all the wrong, it’s the people’s fault.

A media machine fine tuned for one single message. This is unheard of since the state owned dictatorial propaganda, disguised as press. Wait, that’s pretty recent. We know how to do this, and it worked. Why not repeat it? Sure, let’s do just that. Let’s absolve the power wielding class of any responsibility. The pandemic will subside only if we all wear masks, only if we stay home, only if we take one for the team, only if we convince others of the righteous way.

Let’s focus on conformity. Oh, I know, let’s use science to justify conformity. It’s obviously smart to do so. Let’s make the conformists feel smart about conforming. They’re the best keepers of our plan. We don’t exist, of course. Except that we do. The power wielding class is not a group of rich folk planning to take over the world. It’s the natural convergence of people who have been granted power around their interests of self preservation. We all act as one, without ever planning specifically to do so. That is how two people end up discovering the same thing at the same time. It’s human. We’re human. Yes, let’s make sure we show our humanity. Let’s avoid responsibility because, sometimes everybody can’t.

Let’s then take measures which are sure to signal that we’re on top of the situation. That is what counts at the polls, that is what keeps shares up. Let’s not allow perspectives, discernment, analysis, refutal, opposition. We know what has to be done, for our preservation of power, and anyone who says otherwise is marked. The marked are to be shunned and ignored.

Sometimes we, the incompetent power wielding class, get sick. It works for us. It strengthens the narrative: we’re only human, it’s the people’s fault, the individual is the key to success, the situation is so hard that even the rich and powerful are taken down. Let’s not talk about how is it possible to have so many rich and powerful people in the most at risk group of people and still have them seemingly unaffected.

Let’s blame the people. Darn mask not wearing humans. They’re at fault. They’re responsible for death and sickness with their sickly obsession for their jobs. Stupid people who can’t home school their children. Just work remotely. Scale down. Learn something new. Adapt, you humans, adapt! Look at us, we adapted.

We, the power wielding class, adapted to your so loved democracy. It’s so funny to us, how you give us all of our power, and how we made you believe we give you rights, access, opportunity, social safety nets, basic income, employment benefits, unemployment benefits, child allowance, laws, protection, civilization. Ha ha.

You Marxist scum! You libertarian fool! One wants free lunches, the other wants anarchy! We’ll tell you what the price of the lunch is and we’ll tell you how to live. That’s our terms, because we’re special. There has to be the reason we’re at the top, and you’re down there. We’re special. No, it’s not because you gave us power. We’ve earned it through our exceptional selves. All you did is to confirm our blue blooded spirits. Wear a mask asshole! Stay at home stupid! Wash your hands you fool!

Let’s tell people it’s not just the cold. Let’s tell people it’s going to kill millions and ignore all sense of reality. You fools, you’re too relaxed! Be panicked. Buy! Panic buy! Ignore how it’s not the plague, nor the species threatening disease we tout it to be. Show lined up coffins. Stay at home! Just work remotely! Home schooling. Avoid people. Social distancing.

Social distancing, the super weapon of mass control. Everyone is your friend. But don’t meet them. Allow voting to happen. Let the malls open, but close restaurants. Everyone is your friend, but try to avoid them. We all love each other, but no hugs, no kisses, no birthdays. Embrace digital lives. Click. Buy. Tell us everything. We’re watching, we’re listening.

What a coincidence fell on our hands. Building a worldwide network of surveillance and then having this pandemic forcing everyone into it. Ha ha. We’re so good, like we said, blue blooded spirits. Enlightened exceptional people. Our power is intrinsic. You have nothing to give us. Except the virus. Wear the mask! Wash your hands. Stay inside.