Stop participating?

I keep saying stop participating but what do I mean by it?

I mean stop acting and existing as if what happens is the natural result of human experience instead of a plan to deliberately make you not trust your own eyes.

You can’t exit the system. Anyone who urges you to exit the system does not come from a proper place of fighting the system. They only want to fool you into a doomed life with zero resources, zero impact and lifelong toiling in poverty, isolation and eventually cronic depression and/or paranoia.

You need to be in the system but stop buying it. Start questioning the narratives more. Stop talking about the talking points the system prepares and talk about the system itself. Talk about how the world works. Think about how the world and your world works. Talk about what you think of all of it with your family, your friends, your co-workers, your neighbours.

Be active in delaying until the last possible moment any allegiance. Stop proselytising without being aware for agendas that you only know of through what is being served by the system for the system.

To stop participating means to really wake up, not to be woke. It doesn’t mean to be an activist for the subject du jour. It means to be strong and not bend so easily. It means to conserve your attention. It means to stop letting all your involvement be knee jerk reactions to their fabricated stimuli.

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