Things were just fine

Capitalism works if there is a gazillion small companies competing on local markets and international trade is heavily managed by countries having sovereign economies, independent politics and protectionist taxation.

Politics works if there are a gazillion opinionated cause-driven local parties who rip each other off locally but see the greater national sovereign interest as a higher level calling and are able to coalesce around versions of achieving that interest to form governing coalitions.

Socialism only works if politics and capitalism work.

Democracy is the constant struggle for creating more socialism via exploiting capitalism’s organic production of wealth via innovation.

Democracy works if there are a gazillion small media competing locally and ripping off local and national politics. Financing independent media via social effort is the oxygen of democracy.

This is all a well oiled engine that could work great if we didn’t have apex predators at the top of our human ecosystems called societies, apex predators who live a consequence free life and hence behave like Gods who only believe in themselves.

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