Thought stream

It is amazing how little people think of the fact that everything is a convention. I find it astounding, the jail of our social conditioning. But is it more than just that? Because it surely sounds crazy …

Sometimes I strongly believe the world is led by insane people. And not only that, but also the biggest chunk of my fellow humans lack some faculties. And this is not about smartness, it is about seeing through our dense abstractions into reality.

It feels like we devised such amazing explanations that now we are obliged to believe them. What obliges us, ancestry? The permanent desire for meaning and the meaning we sip out of continuity?

Everything is at least weird if not insane. Like, naming people nations. Or, referring to states and corporations first person, as if mere conventions exist outside of us.

Complacency is insanity.

Complacency is insanity. If you were on fire and acted as if everything is alright, as if the fire is not there, would you be called insane? You would be. I am sure. Yet we surrender the future of our children to this self replicating clique of maniacal egos without batting an eye.

We repeat, day in day out, the script handed down to us by faceless elders as if reality itself is bounded by these rules. We have gone so far as to believe reality is out humble servant, we actually bathe in this self congratulatory propaganda of mind over matter.

But the universe keeps expanding. Our study of the everlasting stretches of space appears to leave no trace of wonder and pause in the feverish minds of humans. We repeat. Repeat in, repeat out. When someone gets tired of the repetition they are cast as pariah and left to socially disappear as the sadistic prelude to the physical death.

Why do we do that? There is no grand scheme here. No aliens, no reptilians, no mind control. Or if there is, then it surely is a fucked up one. No one seems to force us to ignore reality, but we do it so zealously that we became unstoppable.

What is this hell of a news cycle that we live in? Where do this fabricated events lead us? What is all this conflict for?

Abstraction works wonders in technological creativity, but wreaks havoc in humanistic endeavors. Humanism must be rooted in lucidity to be effective.