I hope my blog finds you well and curious.

  • I think articles spamming about gen z wanting to work for themselves prepare society for gig economy as the only alternative to big corps doing it all with robots.

    Every generation hopes for independence at the onset. Encouraging it is kinda fishy in the oligarchy ruling us.

  • Can we call programmer impostor syndrome “cyber insecurity” please?

  • People in Eastern Europe have all been through a wormhole.

    Not a space time one wormhole.
    An ideological wormhole.

    What a ride!

    Enter into the Communism’s hungry mouth

    Exit from the Neoliberalism’s dirty ass

    The travel through dictatorship all seems like it never happened.

    Fuck the EU.

    United States Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs.

  • This well is poisoned.

    It’s mind boggling that we fall for sickening psycho demagogy for millennia.

    It really looks like there is something in the water, because there is. But not in the drinking water, in the metaphorical water – our shared understanding of the world.


    Ghost farming

    You and Your

    When the author is all about “you” and “your” in their text, it’s very likely the author is a manipulative psyop group.

    Word Flood

    Word flood is another sign of psyop groups – a volume of authorship that is only possible at extreme ends of avilability and ability combinations. Do you think people extremely able and available spend their precious and highly valued situation in your obscure forum?

    Laws and axioms

    Spewing out “laws” and axioms like there is no tomorrow is another tell tale. Laws and axioms are shortcuts to move the manipulative logical plot to where the reader is defenseless in an open field surrounding. Anything that charges there will probably trample all over the readers excuse for existing.

  • I find that often these days I am incapable of watching horror movies and stand up comedy.

    Stand up comedy has turned into a way to lubricate the dry parts of the social changes forced upon us. That is not humour, it is mental violence.
    Horror movies are all steering psychological which means innocence is harshly exploited to steer in anguish, loss and sorrow. That is not a scary experience, it is mental torture.

  • It's so disturbing
    that poor people don't get to be thought leaders.
    The world is shaped by wealth
    and except for the original times before wealth
    wealth today signifies nothing
    in terms of fitness or survival.
    Philosophy is rooted in
    fun for rich kids
    with time to waste.

  • Whoever invented the term polycule was meaning harm to poly people The word POLICULE sounds like a puss infested bubble on a hardly accessible part of the body that is hard to cure and has multiple bad outcomes. Bad word.