Min Effort Max Effect

  • It’s good to tax people when you 1st prove you manage funds efficiently and transparently. When you have a problem making the present state efficient and transparent, more money will lead to more inefficiency and less transparency.

    With the exception of nordic models – where pure luck residing in natural resource exports, the bedrock of their “sovereign fund”, enabled an efficient and transparent model, which was used to build an indestructible political caste, but at least it is, still, efficient and transparent – I can hardly name a country doing well on this front. It’s not a local problem.

    If the central government comes up with the idea of raising taxes, generally people are taxed to:

    • settle geopolitical bills (e.g. support sanctions, paying tribute to alliances – generally via the military industrial complex)
    • sustain inflation caused by globalisation (e.g. quantitative easing, owning toxic assets, loss of economic sovereignty)
    • create short term bandaids to long term wounds (e.g. tension between sourcing welfare from the people and also supporting depopulation)

    … and the like.

    For infrastructure, common wealth creation and the like it’s usually local government who creates taxes. Much easier to track and disband once they’re pointless. Generic taxes on income for generic things from the center are never for the good of the people. They’re always the same old feudal lord taking.  but now it’s “elected”. 

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  • If the devil got your back you’re no underdog my friend.

    Tired Pop Star Audience Dude
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  • generative Ai is communism for the not talented

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  • My theory is that the more people will live the the bigger the horrors they’ll do. Because they’ll chase more and more refined experiences due to the dulling of their senses and perceptions. It will be the Florence nobility effect that invented haute cuisine at a planetary scale

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  • Ce coperta misogina are Dilema.
    O poza de coperta care afirma idealul feminin impus de secolele de patriarhat nenorocit. P coperta cu o poza misogina alături de un titlu al cărui subtext este si el misogin. 

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  • Technocracy is bullshit. 

    Any decent engineer will have had at least once the experience of being “managed” into submission. Why? Because for the people at the top your amazing intellect does not offer any right – it’s a cost.

    A deal you take or pass. There is no technocracy. There is oligarchy with engineering puppets.
    Poor smart people. Always the tools of the rich. Ever since true knowledge ceased to be power practical intelligence became the gigolo and whore of emotional intelligence. And no one is better at emotional intelligence than those which have no emotions – our ruling psychopaths. 

    Have you noticed how we were taught from infancy that the smart people can’t communicate? It’s such a concerted effort. Crazy scientist. Why did Einstein had to have that hair style, beats me. But it sure reinforces the stereotype. 

    There is no technocracy possible simply because the medium of technology is still social and anthropogenic. Tech would rule on robots. Humans with limited lifespans and hunger guiding immediate thoughts are worst candidates for technocratic rule. Plus the  psychopaths. 

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  • Reading obscure message boards I feel like an NPC peeking at the chat rooms of the players.
    The vastness of games available, the adventures that higher level players get, the areas of the world they can enter.
    NPC life is all about consequences and planned obsolescence.

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  • All modern creation is removed from humanity on purpose.

    All modern and post modern expression is needlessly opaque and complicated. From art to science, from public speaking to fashion, it’s all shrouded in layers of needless mental appendages that obscure and mesmerise.

    The goal of the obscurity is so that the lay people give up on self expression. If self expression requires decades of training then 99% of people won’t do it. In the absence of self expression people will just adopt a pre made identity that fits them best. In this way the masses are constantly leaderless and in a continuous identity war.

    The makers of this situation should be ashamed of existing into such sleazy, manipulative and gross instances of being-ness.

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  • The basic premise of tourism is that anywhere else is better than where you are.

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  • In Europe one can gauge the real estate value based on how clean and stocked the nearby Lidl is.

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  • The unbearable uselessness of software.

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  • Politicians don’t want popular approval they want popular support.

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  • Modern culture is shit because human societies have gone through the same process which forests and other natural ecosystems had gone through – replacement of diversity with clones and engineered species.

    Premodern culture – all of it, from prehistoric times to right before the enlightenment – is human at the core, but extremely varied and specific to localized groups which internalized their own specific history and narrative arc.

    Modern humans still live in groups, like their ancestors, and because they feel the need to, but these groups are fabricated as a sort of fake hologram of what a group should be. The differences that matter between humans are going away and culture is the part where this is first visible.

    Not even generations have demarcation lines anymore. The young waste away in different corners of the internet doing exactly what the old do. Using a different platform does not make you avant-garde or a rebel.

    Modern humans, just like the aligned trees in a human made “green wall” – a simulacrum of a forest – all come from one favored species – ethically and socially speaking. It’s not wether superhero movies are actually movies – it’s about that between superhero movies made with big budget Hollywood teams and small European aimed at film award festivals films there is little difference in terms of expressivity, assumptions, lived reality, and general cultural background.

    Even the powers at war now have little that they differ on. The differences are made up fodder for propaganda. In truth the war is fought using the same set of emojis.

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