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  • Buy the paper that saves the trees which is made of plastic but we call it stone paper to hide the tactile obviousness.

    “Stone” paper is one of the worst inventions ever. And so many companies jumped on the weird idea just to score dumb environmental points. Someone must have won the jackpot – wait actually stone paper is the same colonialist “discovery” story ha, two dudes “discovered” a Taiwanese company making paper out of stone and stole transformed the idea and turned into a separate business. I wonder did the Taiwanese company get any patent royalties? In their origin story they don’t say.

    Anyway – it’s not even a good product. The eco friendliness is built on bad mouthing traditional paper brands and hiding the HDPE – plastic – it contains. The paper itself ha ha. Just try anything sharp enough. A mechanical pencil is effectively unusable, thicker nibs dry out while writing. The sun shining on your desk ruins your notebook.

    It’s a terrible idea pumped up by making a business out of sustainability. Easy as that. If this will replace cellulose paper it may very well replace pet bottles as the no one source of plastic in oceans, rivers and in your body if you like pen and paper and you write a lot 🙂

  • Europe hosts first cultivated meat tasting

    The next web

    … while the ultra rich grow wagyu cows.

  • String theory. Not that one. The other one.

    The strings are not tied to a puppet.

    The strings are weaved.
    Who pulls the strings controls the fabric.

    A crease here. A hole there.
    Squeeze this. Loosen that.
    Some string example: laws, crime, public spending, taxes, lobby, war, special operations, cultural output, cultural trends, fashion, public transport, visas, regulation, subsidies, interest rates, credit score.

    If a problem enters popular culture it is a string someone pulls. Mafia. Human trafficking. Drugs. Opioids. Alcohol. Cancer. Mental illness. Loneliness. Hostile computing. Hackers. Surveillance. Putin. Trump. Senile world leaders. Natality decline. Migrants on boats.

    It’s many strings in this fabric.
    Some of the strings are those you hold on to.

    Let them go.

  • If a successful freelancer has a newsletter about being a successful freelancer they’re likely not a successful freelancer.

  • Mucenici research

  • Using a different platform does not make you avant-garde or a rebel. 

    Generations don’t have demarcation lines anymore. The young waste away in different corners of the internet doing exactly what the old do.

  • government across the world managed to carve such an elegant division amongst people.

    Argue on bike lanes.

  • Best Apple AirPods Feature:

    Keep them in your pocket without the case and the smart ear detection will make sure to discharge their battery.