Ce-am învățat de la recorder? Cum să faci din rahat bici sau din țânțar armăsar.

Recorder a făcut un nou “material” inflamator despre BOR. Materialul a facut rating mare pe net, și ce să vezi, Biserica e nașpa. Wow. Nu mă așteptam. Mint, ba mă așteptam. Iată cu ce am rămas eu dupa “material”: 1) BOR are nevoie de un PR mai bun. Mă ofer. Aștept licitația din ziarul Lumina.Continue reading “Ce-am învățat de la recorder? Cum să faci din rahat bici sau din țânțar armăsar.”

Only yes

And, in the end, it simply isn’t worth Your while to try and clean your life away. You can’t. For, everything you do or say Is there, forever. It leaves evidence. In fact it’s really only common sense; There’s no such thing as nothing, not at all. It may be really very, very small ButContinue reading “Only yes”

Angajati Profesionisti Incompetenti

Asta e alternativa mea de om simplu la Intelectualul Idiot al lui Nassim Taleb. Există o diferență pe care puțini o percep între profesionism și competență. Deși competența și profesionismul nu au aproape nimic în comun în definițiile lor, cumva am observat că oamenii le folosesc interschimbabil. Lumea e plină de profesioniști. Astăzi profesioniști suntContinue reading “Angajati Profesionisti Incompetenti”

Grunt writing

I sometimes feel that with “status” comes the permission to weave phrases and the patience reading them requires. If people think you’re having enough authority, they’ll have more patience for you to explain. For everyone else, we require a sort of grunt writing style. Arguments like “people don’t have time”, “conclusion first”, short sentences, shorterContinue reading “Grunt writing”

Save memory for Electron

2021 code feels like we’re running on 64KB of memory and the compiler needs to fit as well.

Disillusion FTW

“You’ve disgraced this country in the eyes of the world, and my inclination is to lock you up,” Judge Reggie B. Walton said to defendant Anthony Mariotto – CNN says. The level of hypocrisy is comical. Does that judge think that is USA’s problem in the eyes of the world? How about ruining countless democraciesContinue reading “Disillusion FTW”

Universal Basic Illusion

What’s up with this universal income thing? To me, Universal Basic Income represents giving up. It is a statement about the rich being so rich and owning so much of everything that they are basically creating an imaginary economy with the sole purpose of preserving their status. Universal basic income is a way for theContinue reading “Universal Basic Illusion”


Let’s blame the people. They’re at fault. You darn mask not wearing humans! Let’s blame humanity. Let’s hide our faces and failures by telling people they’re doing it wrong. At the same time let’s never focus, never get our shit together, never prune, never burn the weeds. Let’s allow the same old branches suck theContinue reading “Incompetence”