Market age causes disruption

Markets are not disrupted by brilliant ideas but by consumers that missed the market education! There’s always going to be new people. That is why it’s never too late. The new people miss the background, values and attitude which helped their older peers fit the market. Countless frustrated new consumers will try anything but theContinue reading “Market age causes disruption”

A mission for WordPress

Let’s build a mission for a 20 year old project, whose declared vision is to “democratise publishing”. Before we can dive in, let’s take a closer look at what are we’re really trying to achieve: when will we call it a day and say we’re done? Ideally, that is when publishing is democratic. On theContinue reading “A mission for WordPress”

How to #cancel Amazon: stop buying from Amazon. How to cancel human beings: create monster stories, trash legacies, erase their names from books, rewrite history, reinterpret everything they said, launch media storms to filter anything contradicting narrative. Hmmmm. How people cancel people: stop replying to their texts. How media cancels people: constantly roll non-news aboutContinue reading

People should be out in the streets with torches for this particular vision of Jeffrey: „Blue Origin was founded by Jeff Bezos with the vision of enabling a future where millions of people are living and working in space to benefit Earth.“ It is real estate 101. Those living and working in space will benefit Jeff Bezos’Continue reading

Future happiness

Do you think big pharma is the savior and that mandates are legitimate? Good for you. Do you think it’s all a scam and profit is the ultimate answer, ending in control of the individual for taking away free choice? Good for you. It’s all a show. Are you a Trump fan? May I remindContinue reading “Future happiness”

Ce-am învățat de la recorder? Cum să faci din rahat bici sau din țânțar armăsar.

Recorder a făcut un nou “material” inflamator despre BOR. Materialul a facut rating mare pe net, și ce să vezi, Biserica e nașpa. Wow. Nu mă așteptam. Mint, ba mă așteptam. Iată cu ce am rămas eu dupa “material”: 1) BOR are nevoie de un PR mai bun. Mă ofer. Aștept licitația din ziarul Lumina.Continue reading “Ce-am învățat de la recorder? Cum să faci din rahat bici sau din țânțar armăsar.”

Only yes

And, in the end, it simply isn’t worth Your while to try and clean your life away. You can’t. For, everything you do or say Is there, forever. It leaves evidence. In fact it’s really only common sense; There’s no such thing as nothing, not at all. It may be really very, very small ButContinue reading “Only yes”

Angajati Profesionisti Incompetenti

Asta e alternativa mea de om simplu la Intelectualul Idiot al lui Nassim Taleb. Există o diferență pe care puțini o percep între profesionism și competență. Deși competența și profesionismul nu au aproape nimic în comun în definițiile lor, cumva am observat că oamenii le folosesc interschimbabil. Lumea e plină de profesioniști. Astăzi profesioniști suntContinue reading “Angajati Profesionisti Incompetenti”

Grunt writing

I sometimes feel that with “status” comes the permission to weave phrases and the patience reading them requires. If people think you’re having enough authority, they’ll have more patience for you to explain. For everyone else, we require a sort of grunt writing style. Arguments like “people don’t have time”, “conclusion first”, short sentences, shorterContinue reading “Grunt writing”