There are two ways of living; one is giving meaning to life and the other is giving meaning to death.

We need to believe. We need to feel like death is not the end. but, the reality is it might very well be. Not the end in general, the end of you, whatever you are.

I wish my mind will somehow preserve itself after death. I wish the hardly built personality made of so many lessons learned, the hard way, would somehow keep going into eternity after death.

But wishing will not get you there.

Death is the one, single, great enemy man has.

We are never truly free because we do not look defiantly at death, and that is why we are giving meaning to death.

Providing soothing imagination scripts about how consciousness is an ocean and you as a drop will fall back into it, is nothing but the same hypnotic serum that keeps us, highly connected, highly intelligent creatures from actually living a worthy life and building a lasting notion of higher good.

What is the use of believing you’ll last after death, in a longer “journey”? Will it make you feel better for all the things that go wrong and sideways in your life? Will it grant you more affordances at the limited amount of time put at your disposal? I mean, if you’re eternal, why struggle? I’m sorry, I know these questions are barely a scratch on the depth of the subject, but really, why romanticize death?

We are the first age in history to believe in death as the final destination, the ultimate ending.

Yes, and it is GREAT! Finally, maybe we can actually set ourselves free from the dream of heaven, from the fear of hell, from the beatitude of the new age Nosso Lar (our home in the sky). Maybe we’ll finally be free of the stupid school-learning dichotomy that is describing our short, humble life.

Life has no apparent meaning but we need it to feel alive, and that is why we are giving meaning to life.

If we understand deeply that death IS the end, we can, or some of us can, understand that being alive not aware is the real biggest treasure! This illusion of eternity allows systems that prioritize efficiency over improvement.

Everything is aware.

Yes, but that says nothing about death.

If we are eternal beings, sides of Brahman, who, as you said, can only experience itself by emanating these temporary experiences, then we should revert to hanging around primitively, because no matter what we do as a civilization, no intellectual achievement whatsoever can be more than a paint job on a single basic construction: experience. From womb to tomb, no clues, no pointers, no helpers, the figure it out experience! Buy life now!

However death exists, death is a real thing. We may very well be eternal but while we are individually separated here, death is the end, that is how this reality works! You cannot undie, death is permanent.

We are living breathing meaning machines. It doesn’t matter what happens, it matters only what it means. That is why death is a myth and afterlife too is another myth.

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