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  • Were you born yesterday? Here is everything you need to know: (I)

    A clear introduction to Humanity for the children of tomorrow Part I Welcome, I will be your guide for successful integration into Humanity. Our first plan will cover time. Time is our perception of the global phenomenon of increasing entropy. We humans generally split time in three parts: past — a quick skim on what happened present — a detailed […]

  • Make life worth living again!

    Joe Brewer it is as if you ended the story too swiftly. Spiritual practice has been around for ages, and it has not caught enough traction to become mainstream in its original form. What we have today is all kinds of washed up concepts, that start from their original eastern or western philosophies of detachment or attachment, […]

  • We can’t stop it because we’re not doing it

    Someone must have something against someone else. Lately if it’s not Americans vs Mexicans, it’s the police vs the blacks, or the blacks vs the police, the Muslims vs the Christians, or the western civilization vs the eastern civilization. If it isn’t any of those, it’s the millennials vs the baby boomers, the brogrammers vs […]

  • Ad Girls are either zombies or empty shells

    or amazing for going through the ordeal of working in advertising and keep being true to themselves and sane. Lisa Leone thank you a thousand times for this story. The advertising industry is the most sexist place ever, and it is down right dangerous for women’s health. It is a place where not only women are […]

  • All children are awesome, too bad they have parents.

    Oh yes, too bad. That title above may sound like crap, but the truth is we as a species have evolved out of this parent thing a loooong, loooong time ago. First: I don’t have any children. Second, it doesn’t matter. You will understand it doesn’t matter by noticing that this headline is not about […]

  • Frustum

    There is no cause and effect, just synchronicity. The legend of Atlantis is as current as possible. Be it that a feeling of your notion of truth penetrates the legend, and you start to perceive it as a historical fact, be it that your reason using the esoteric method and unravel the meaning of the […]

  • Dear friendzoned men,

    This is the captain speaking. Before we return to our complacent self indulgence, it has come to my attention that our status is used more and more to mansplain being an asshole. I would like to take this opportunity to straighten a few things out. First, this is 90% about men. Yet I am am […]

  • The plural of person is corporation,

    or people. If we pretend otherwise we’ll continue to fail in admitting the new player in our society, a long lasting one that we should both fear and control. You know, corporations are people. This guy is right, but for the wrong reason: It is not because “everything corporations do, goes back to people”, the […]

  • Humans who identify as males are attracted to humans who identify as females

    Seriously, it is very hard to use “identify” every time and I will not use imaginary pronouns in this article about the sexes. Males mean all who identify as males and females all who identify as females, irrelevant of their biological sex, gender or orientation. I can do this because asexual people have no influence […]

  • The end of El Dorado

    Dream shattering. Probably not visible for us mere mortals as it is for Ev Williams, the end of start ups is probably coming on the next five to seven years. The biggest blocking factor will not be lawyers and lobbyists though. They are the perks you get with high caliber business, but the key differentiator is […]