ElonMusk, you behave like a big child

Stewart Alsop may be rude but he is a paying customer. You should not “deny service” because you feel insulted by him. You should press a civil law suit and win it if you feel that he tarnished the company’s image or your image.

And this:

is an embarrassment even bigger.

There is a reason @Elon Musk why you shouldn’t endorse denying a service to ANY customer: you can easily discriminate based on labels. Labels such as “rude”. Rude to me is not rude to you and vice versa. How about “ugly”? How about “non-compliant”? I bet that in the corporate governed world you can say:

Must be a slow news day if denying service to a non-compliant customer gets this much attention

Is it not enough that we as consumers are trapped in a world where super powerful corporations have the final word on what we get now they must have the final word on whether we can get it?

Plus, you are the CEO of a big company. What are you doing banning individual customers?

And the people congratulating you are even worse. Why do you people endorse such behavior? This kind of maverick encouragement is at the very core of how unequal our society is. Do you honestly think that because Elon managed to make SpaceX (HIS dream) come true, and exit PayPal (HIS company), and attempt to finally make a good electric car (HIS other dream), and took huge risks (with HIS money), he should be allowed to do anything concerning YOU? How about letting him educate your children in your place? I could think of other tokens of admiration and moral free passes you could send him, but i am afraid i’ll slide to “rude” even by my own, much more loose moral standards.

Not to mention, Elon are you giving your cars or batteries for free? No wait, you are actually charging a premium. No wait, you are actually have “reservations” and most of your current customers are rich and can afford “reservation deposits”. If you don’t want clients bitching around stop selling things and most of all stop making elitist events and then behave like a kid late at his own party.

You Elon might be right to be mad at Stewart Alsop, maybe he was even more rude on the phone than in that hot blood Medium post of last year, I wouldn’t know. You may be entitled to respond directly to him or to issue an official something from your marketing-less company. But denying service is not one of the things you can do. In denying service you acted like those mean kids who wait until everyone else finishes their treats and then they start delighting on their own basking in the sadistic pleasure of watching the others drooling. In denying service you acted like a child who incidentally has the coolest toys and because he is annoyed that some one criticized him he takes his shiny cool toys and goes home.

How is this even legal anyway?

ElonMusk, you behave like a big child,

and this is not good for someone tasked by a horde of followers to live out a dream life and to bring “humanity” up for the task of the big step into space.

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