My socialist ideas

Cities should have no cars. Cars are the wrong means of transportation in a city. We require solid public transit options. Driving around on the streets of a city should be accompanied by a super high cost premium or forbidden by all means. Everything would work better from police to paramedics to getting to work on time, for both in city residents and for people living in suburbs.

City transportation should be free. At least express lines which carry people across the city should be free.

Nations should spend starting 2016 in having public, government owned solar power stations. Subsidizing batteries and individual power generation is inefficient. Power is simply better when produced massively, distributed massively and paid for massively. With solar power the price of electricity in time will go as low as only line and panel maintenance. In time these costs will be covered entirely by the state and we can achieve in some decades the aim of “free energy”, which is not to mean cost-less is but free as in not commercially sold.

The pursuit of happiness is only available for the rich. Therefore constitutions should either remove happiness as a generally good aim or add joy and pleasure along. The middle class and the lower class cannot access happiness and the hypocrisy of promising them that is plainly outrageous.

Welfare means accepting inequality as a naturally arising effect and doing something about it. I don’t get the snares and bad mouthing that welfare gets from rich people especially when it is in the form of “welfare will make people not want to work”, when they have millions and still strive to make even more millions. If their millions don’t stop them from working how will welfare, like say a basic income, stop other people from working?

It won’t. Welfare, in any form, is a safety net and it allows more of the potentially rich to attempt at becoming rich. This is the real problem with welfare that the rich don’t like.

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