Tag: Inequality

  • More socialist ideas

    The single main role of a state is to constantly grow the quality of life for the people who make the state exist: the citizens. Patriotism is bullshit because it is based on genetic factors which are among the most unfair and inhuman factors to consider placing in the foundation of a society or national […]

  • My socialist ideas

    Cities should have no cars. Cars are the wrong means of transportation in a city. We require solid public transit options. Driving around on the streets of a city should be accompanied by a super high cost premium or forbidden by all means. Everything would work better from police to paramedics to getting to work […]

  • An idea to solve inequality

    Did you click? Good. Now continue. Here, this is gonna be hard, really hard, trust me i need to pamper y’all. It is a heavy solution which cuts like a scalpel and hurts just as bad. There’s gonna be blood. The main factor responsible for the deepening inequality is inheritance, in particular the extensiveness of it. […]

  • You will be no Jedi. Get over it.

    Rey, just as Luke and all the other knights are special. They have the thing in their blood which makes them a better medium for the force. All the rest of the galaxy, which is 99.99999999% of creatures are all lame and common. The truth is that people are not equal. It’s easily visible that […]

  • The inequality propaganda

    1 > 39 and other inequalities The 1% is now another umbrella term that tries to make the other 99% feel like they have things in common. The truth is that they don’t. By wealth the world is not split in 1% and 99%. It is in fact split between the “top” 1%, next 4%, […]