You will be no Jedi. Get over it.

Rey, just as Luke and all the other knights are special. They have the thing in their blood which makes them a better medium for the force. All the rest of the galaxy, which is 99.99999999% of creatures are all lame and common.

The truth is that people are not equal. It’s easily visible that they are not born equal. During life the inequality does nothing more but extend itself: people are not socially equal and they are not even equal in front of the law.

But you know what? The problem is not equality. We should all just accept, once and for all, that some people are better, some people are priviledged, some are way more beautiful, some are simply brilliant, others outstanding lovers and so on, this list is as long as the meaning of frustration is in the history of mankind.

And, after we accept the obvious, we should look at the real problem: glorification.

Glorification is the real perverse mind trick that is playing you out like a toy. Glorification is what makes of otherwise independent and smart people, depressed, aka unhappy.

We glorify everything: stardom, freedom, coupledom, singledom, jedidom.

You really don’t need the fucking force you know, you don’t need it. You can be awesome by being mere and simple. You can rule the galaxy that matters most, youself, without the slightest and smallest trace of jedidom inside. Oh, how I wish we could step away from this archetype of “chosen” people and be hit by the awe of our amazing self.