Chapter 1: The future is uncertain

The new genetic engineering was using a cancer formation treatment that in about 10 years replaced the entire body cells with DNA that had longer teleomeres. Obtained from host stem cells, the new cells were then added to major failure points in the body: vital organs, skin, bone marrow, eyes, and endocrine glands.

The most unbelievable twist in the faith of human kind is being given the supreme gift from its worst enemy. Life from cancer. At first there was opposition. Strong one. Zombie apocalypse was expected at any time. Still, it had not arrived and, even more, they delivered on the promise.

New tissue formation selectively favored the cancerous invasion because they were the same cells as the host’s. The addition of longer endings to the chromosomes was undetectable. Yet having better division outcomes they simply just had to sit in the host long enough to take over whole tissues.

Indeed the only remaining aging parts were most of the central nervous system, teeth, hearing apparatus and the reproductive cells in females who worn off like they normally do.

Initially it began to be a commercial life expectancy enhancement. Like with any product it eventually became a common generic product and in nearly twenty years, two generations of enhanced people away from introduction, it became a state subsidized procedure. Every one was entitled to get the enhancement, the cost was supported by the state but those who had it were paying higher income tax than the others, a kind of moral tax.

In the first ten years after mass adoption of the genetic enhancement there was a huge dip in natural natality levels. Enchanted by a theoretical 180 year life span all the pressing matters became a lot less pressing, including having children. Afterwards the natality levels stabilized as the issue of non regenerating female reproductive cells became front most.

The first effect of the genetic enhancement was that, at about 80% coverage of enhanced DNA in the tissues, the overall look of the body started to revert to a younger aspect. With every year after, the overall look got closer to the look they had in their 30’s. There were in the first 10 years a bunch of social awareness campaigns about publicly admitting your age, since there were numerous legal issues regarding inheritances from younger to older spouses.

Suicide became a reason for celebration. They were announced events. Apparently after a while apathy took hold of people beyond any treatment. All virtual reality systems, all the magic in the better versions of selves could not contain the apathy that set in after about age 145. To end depression many have as unique option cutting loose from it so The Finale became a custom, taken over by sectarian religious practices.

The Finale. A feast for ending your life.